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Fast. Donate. Make lent count.

How about swapping your normal meal on Fridays during lent for something simpler? By donating the money you save, you can make a huge difference to the lives of children in South Sudan. A donation of just five euros can make sure that a child in Juba receives a warm meal every day at school for a whole month!

A severe and persistent drought, ongoing conflicts, and the consequences of climate change mean millions of people across Africa go hungry. In South Sudan alone, 100,000 people are facing starvation. Juba’s impoverished Lologo district is home to huge numbers of malnourished children. In order to survive, many are forced to skip school and go in search of food. Day by day, classrooms at the Al Salam School grew increasingly empty – leaving pupils deprived of the chance of an education that may one day help them escape from poverty.

For Christians, lent serves as a time of preparation for Easter. Fasting encourages us to put ourselves and our needs aside temporarily so that we can come closer to God and our fellow human beings. Often, this makes us more acutely aware of the problems other people face. This means that helping others has traditionally been an important element of Christian fasting: lent is a time for giving, not just giving things up.

Malteser International now provides 2000 pupils in Juba with a warm and healthy meal at school every day – helping to fight malnutrition, and ensure that the children can continue their education. However, we need your support to keep this project going: a donation of just five euros can provide a child with a hot meal every day for a whole month. Help us to #MakeLentCount!





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Make Lent Count!
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