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Make Lent Count! - Be a lifeline to the most vulnerable in Syria

The war in Syria is now in its ninth year and is currently the largest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time. Join us and spend this year's Lent in solidarity with millions of Syrian men, women and children by taking part in our Make Lent Count campaign.

The last eight years in Syria have been years of brutal conflict, bombing, massive destruction, and far too many lives have been lost. With no clear end in sight, millions of people in the country are facing alarming levels of suffering. Many families have had to flee on multiple occasions and are still facing greater hurdles to finding safety and peace of mind. Their situation is a continued cause of suffering. Malteser International is providing life-saving medical help for people affected in the conflict.

This Lent, your generosity will give vital support to the vulnerable people suffering in Syria. Give something up for Lent and donate the amount you save to our work in Syria.

Your gift of €30 can help a person in critical condition receive blood transfusion

Your gift of €50 can help a pregnant woman get life-saving caesarean section

€120 can provide mattresses and other household items for a family that has lost everything

Your generous gift can support
our efforts in Syria. Please give whatever you can!


Four ways you can make Lent count

1. Donate online or by bank transfer! Anything you give counts!

2. Let other people know about it! Get your friends, family and colleagues to join the campaign.

3. Hold your own fundraising event. Invite friends over for dinner or a small party, and ask them to make donations to help save lives in Syria.

4. Take your support to social media! You can follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Youtube. Like, comment and share our posts. This way we can reach more people together.
Don't forget to use the hashtag #MakeLentCount!

Our Lent stories:


Lela's story

Eight years of brutal conflict in Syria and there is no end in sight. Millions of children like Lela have never known the peace of a home. The 18-month child refugee was lucky to survive a fire incident inside her family’s camp shelter in Sarmada, close to the Turkish border. See how Malteser International helped her family in their hour of difficulty.

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Yusuf's story

For many Syrian children living with chronic diseases, the war means not only coping with bombs, but also the challenge of their unmanaged health problems. 14-year-old Yusuf suffers from a chronic hepatic dysfunction. Our partnership with Hand in Hand foundation is enabling him receiving palliative treatments at the Jabel al Zawiyah pediatric clinic in Idlib.  

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Families affected by war in Syria are suffering. As the violence continues, your help is urgently needed. Make Lent Count!
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