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Wau: Reducing the vulnerability of IDPs and their host communities

In five villages near the city of Wau, Malteser International has been supporting 850 families – in total more than 5,000 people – to make long term-improvements to the quality and security of their food through sustainable agriculture since 2014. However, after one year of activities the violent conflicts in the country have reached the villages early 2015. The beneficiaries had to flee to Wau town and the already precarious food situation has been pushed to breaking point. At its peak, there were around 96,000 IDPs with food stock autonomy for just one week. In the following months the number of IDPs has fluctuated considerably with an average of more than 40,000 individuals residing in various camps. 

Adapting to the rapidly changing emergency situation in Wau town, Malteser International reacted to an increased need of food by initial distributions to fill the gaps and of water supply by drilling 9 wells and building five laundry platforms as well as supporting the hygiene and health status of 18.500 IDPs through monthly soap distributions. Starting in 2017, a special focus will be on the children affected by the crisis. Regular school meals combined with hygiene and nutrition training is planned for 3.000 children at schools hosting students of both the IDP and hosting community. The water supply at the schools will also be rehabilitated. 

Improving food security and hygiene for IDPs and the host community with focus on children in Wau

  • Food distribution
  • Drilling of 9 wells 
  • Building of five laundry platforms 
  • Monthly soap distributions for 18.500 IDPs
  • School feeding for 3.000 children
  • Improved access to water at the schools
  • Improved hygiene standards at the schools
  • Hygiene and nutrition trainings at schools

Country info

Capital: Juba
Area: 644,329 km²
Population: ca. 12 million

Project Data

Project duration: June 2016 - February 2018
Donor: German Federal Foreign Ministry (AA), Aktion Deutschland Hilft (ADH)

Last updated: March 2017

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