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Wau: Support for street children and a child-friendly space

Already since 2010, the poverty in the area around Wau town increased due to insecurity and a spiralling economic crisis resulting in a steady increase of street children in Wau. Many children moved away from their villages and went to town in search of a better life. The need to support the Young at Risk Day Care Centre, a safe haven for children and youth run by our partner Don Bosco, became immanent in June 2016 when violent clashes reached Wau. 

Those clashes also lead to civilians fleeing the town’s western and southern neighbourhoods to, amongst others, the compound of the Diocese of Wau. For the children, the situation of leaving their home and social environment as well as the experience of violence creates physical as well as psychological stress. This can be reduced by a safe and protected space, where they can play and learn: a need addressed through the creation of a child friendly space at the compound of the Diocese and supported by the national partner Hold the Child.


For the street children of Wau town, picking bottles, doing odd jobs or stealing are often the only possibilities for survival. Most of the children and youth have wounds on the legs due to lack of medical access. The age group varies from 5 years to 18 years. Those who reached adolescent, often force the younger children to hand over their simple earning, to buy drugs for them, steal or sell stolen goods.

More than 10,000 internally displaced people are living in a congested area in compound of the catholic diocese of Wau. Amongst this number around 2,800 are children under 5 years and around 3,500 are children between 5 and 17 years. Some children are going to school but the school facilities in town do not have the capacity to enroll all of them. Additionally, children have rarely space to play because the camp is overcrowded.


  • Provision of humanitarian assistance to the street children of Wau in order to support their reintegration into the society.
  • To improve the psychosocial care of 750 children living in the IDP camp by provision of a daily structure through a secure playing and learning space 

Street Children:


  • Provision of regular meals and basic health care
  • Provision of scholarships for primary schooling
  • Provision of recreational activities


Child-friendly space:


  • Provision of recreational activities under the supervision of a social care workers
  • Development of a referral plan for traumatized children 
  • Renovation of a building for keeping materials and games and for social workers to talk privately to children
  • Purchase and installation of playing devices, relevant educational material, first aid kit

Country info

Capital: Juba
Area: 644,329 km²
Population: ca. 12 million

Project data

Project duration:
Street children project: September 2016 - September 2017
Child-friendly space: March 2017 - November 2017

Donor: Global Fund for Forgotten People (GFFP)

Last updated: March 2017

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