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A happy place for children

For most people in Myanmar, poverty makes life is a daily struggle. In the village of Magyikwin about 20 km from Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar, in the township of Tharawaddy, the inhabitants work mainly as day laborers to earn a living for their families. The search for work often takes them away from home – and from the very children that they are seeking to support. Malteser International supports a small kindergarten for 70 of these children in partnership with sisters from the order of the good shepherd – allowing the parents to go to work, and providing the children with a safe and happy place to learn and play.

To improve care and supervision for the children of these day laborers, and allow the parents to go to work, sisters form the Good Shepherd Order run a small kindergarten for more than 70 children with the support of Malteser International. The sisters have a long connection with the village and its people, where they have provided medical care for more than 20 years and the house for the kindergarten was given to the sisters by the local authorities. The aim of the project is to create a place where the children feel happy and at ease, and have the opportunity to learn reading and writing, as well as other subjects, along with how to interact with one and another in play. The children’s parents are also involved in the project - taking turns in helping with supervision, and providing materials such as wood and bamboo for toys.

Improve early childhood development between the ages of one and five of children from families in particular need to increase their chances of success.

  • Equipping the day care center with furniture, toys, books and stationary items.
  • Offering dancing, singing and crafting activities, as well as language and mathematics exercises.
  • Providing the children with a meal each day, as well as medical care when needed.

Country info

Capital: Naypyidaw
Area: 676,578 km²
Population: c. 51.5 Million

Project data

Project duration: since May 2003
Donors: private donations
Partners: Order of the Good Shepherd

Last updated: July 2016

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