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Psychosocial help for internally displaced people

The war in Ukraine is leaving invisible scars. Millions of people are traumatized by the terrible events they had to and still have to live through. Poeple have lost relatives and friends. They live in constant fear in the embattled areas. Many have had to flee and leave their homes behind. All these are stressful and traumatic experiences that require time and professional support to process.

Already since 2015, we have been offering psychosocial support services for those suffering from the conflict in eastern Ukraine in cooperation with Malteser Ukraine. With the start of the russian invasion on February 24, 2022, the need for psychosocial support has greatly increased. In order to reach more people with our services, we have expanded the existing program. Since February 2022, we have been able to support tens of thousands of people in Ukraine with psychosocial services such as group or individual sessions with psychologists and special services for children.

Improving the mental health and well-being of the war-affected population

We provide psychological and psychosocial support in centers, through mobile teams, on- and offline, nationwide.

Our activities consist, among others, of:

  • Trauma recovery
  • psychological first aid
  • psychiatric telemedicine
  • individual sessions
  • group sessions
  • music and art therapy
  • staff support and psychological support for health and social workers to prevent stress and burnout

Project data

Partners: Malteser Ukraine, Mental Health Service, Word Help

Project region: Ukraine

Donors: German Federal Foreign Office, Global Fund for Forgotten People, Aktion Deutschland Hilft, foundations and private donors

Project duration: since May 2015, project expansion since March 2022

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