Alliances and Networks

Helping together means helping faster

Earthquake Haiti 2010: an injured boy can laugh again. Photo: Tobias Kann

Alliances are important means for Malteser International to coordinate its actions with partners, to raise awareness for important issues and to discuss and influence developments in the humanitarian sector. Malteser International, through Malteser Germany (Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.), is a member of different national and international networks and associations.

Malteser International is the worldwide relief service of the Order of Malta for humanitarian aid. The Order has representatives in more than 50 countries, diplomatic relations with 104 countries and permanent oberserver status at the United Nations, the European Union and numerous international organisations, providing a unique diplomatic humanitarian network which is both a demonstration of its sovereignty and an operational instrument for its humanitarian activities.

The linkage between the diplomatic network and the humanitarian activities frequently enables the Order to react rapidly to emerging needs, and to speed the delivery of aid. The Order's embassies in different parts of the world are tasked with supporting the medical and humanitarian activities of its national associations and of its worldwide relief service, Malteser International. 

26 national Associations and Priories of the Sovereign Order of Malta are currently members of Malteser International.

International website of the Order of Malta:

Also part of the Order of Malta's network are the following associations, priories, and relief services:

Permanent Observer Mission to the Office of the United Nations and                 
other international organizations in Geneva:


South Africa:

Latin America

Information on humanitarian issues, forums for discussions and other platforms concerning humanitarian help can be found under the following adresses:

"Refworld" - a collection of full-text databases representing the most comprehensive and reliable refugee information resource available, drawn from the most current and authoritative sources:

Overseas Development Institute:

Current news from the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on the situation in regions of crisis worldwide:

Relief and Rehabilitation Network. Network for NGOs working in humanitarian aid:

AlertNet. A foundation of Reuters News Agency, provides global news, communications and logistic services to the international disaster relief community and the public:

Going International. Career guide for the fields of medicine and public health with special sections on international health, humanitarian aid, disaster relief and development cooperation: