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The confrontation between protestors and government forces in Syria that began as part of the ‘Arab Spring’ in February 2011 has developed into a complex crisis involving many parties, and led to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. The resulting civil war has now been raging for over four years, and the outlook for the civilian population seems increasingly hopeless. More than 20 million people in Syria are in need of humanitarian aid, while 4.1 million have flown over the border to seek refuge in neighboring countries, which are now pushing the limits of their capacity. Almost 1.3 million Syrians have fled to Lebanon, where along with refugees from Palestine they now make up a quarter of the population.

Malteser International has been working to provide humanitarian aid in Lebanon since 2013, in cooperation with the Lebanese Association of the Order of Malta. Together, the partners operate a mobile medical center for Syrian refugees, as well as locals in the impoverished regions where they reside. We also support medical centers in the north of the county with medication and medical equipment, as well as distributing aid material to refugees and locals in need.


Janine Lietmeyer
Email: janine.lietmeyer(at)malteser-international.org

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Lebanon: On the road with the mobile clinic

Malteser International clinic bus has been working in the area since September 2014, operated in partnership with the Lebanese Association of the Order of Malta, to provide basic care and medication for free to both locals and refugees.

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