European Headquarters

For further information about our projects please do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to receive your comments and suggestions.

Our address: 

Malteser International 
Kalker Hauptstrasse 22-24
51103 Köln
Phone + 49 (0) 221 9822 151
Fax + 49 (0) 221 9822 179

How to find us.

Contact Persons


Ingo RadtkeDirector+49-(0)221-9822-151
Ingo Radtke
Sid Johann PeruvembaProgram Director+49-(0)221-9822-170
Sid Johann Peruvemba
Program Director
Andrea BarthSecretariat+49-(0)221-9822-151
Andrea Barth


Petra Ipp-ZavazalCommunications Manager+49-(0)221-9822-155
Petra Ipp-Zavazal
Communications Manager
Isaure Faivre d'ArcierCommunications Officer+49-(0)221-9822-152
Isaure Faivre d'Arcier
Communications Officer

Human Resources

Sonja Greiner Human Resources Manager+49-(0)221-9822-165
Sonja Greiner
Human Resources Manager
Manele KamounHuman Resources Administrator+49-(0)221-9822-154
Manele Kamoun
Human Resources Administrator

Relief Operations

Oliver HochedezHead of Emergency Response Team+49-(0)221-9822-163
Oliver Hochedez
Head of Emergency Response Team
Janine LietmeyerProgram Manager Emergency Response+49-(0)221-9822-278
Janine Lietmeyer
Program Manager Emergency Response
Theresa RiepsProgram Administrator Emergency Response+49-(0)221-9822-276
Theresa Rieps
Program Administrator Emergency Response
Victoria VisyProgram Administrator Emergency Response+49-(0)221-9822-642
Victoria Visy
Program Administrator Emergency Response


Roland HansenHead of Africa Team+49-(0)221-9822-162
Roland Hansen
Head of Africa Team
Daniela KringsProgram Manager South Sudan+49-(0)221-9822-175
Daniela Krings
Program Manager South Sudan
Jan GrußProgram Manager South Sudan+49-(0)221-9822-161
Jan Gruß
Program Manager South Sudan
Lisa SchönmeierProgram Administrator South Sudan+49-(0)221-9822-167
Lisa Schönmeier
Program Administrator South Sudan
Birte Thomsen-BrandtProgram Manager DR Congo+49-(0)221-9822-160
Birte Thomsen-Brandt
Program Manager DR Congo
Iovanna LesniewskiProgram Manager DR Congo+49-(0)221-9822-195
Iovanna Lesniewski
Program Manager DR Congo
Alexandra KaiserProgram Administrator DR Congo+49-(0)221-9822-424
Alexandra Kaiser
Program Administrator DR Congo


Cordula WasserHead of Asia Team+49-(0)221-9822-212
Cordula Wasser
Head of Asia Team
Nicole MüllerProgram Manager Philippines+49-(0)221-9822-215
Nicole Müller
Program Manager Philippines
Kai PohlmannProgram Manager Thailand, Vietnam+49-(0)221-9822-183
Kai Pohlmann
Program Manager Thailand, Vietnam
Daniel BergfeldProgram Manager Indonesia, India, Nepal+49-(0)221-9822-186
Daniel Bergfeld
Program Manager Indonesia, India, Nepal
Maren PaechProgram Manager Myanmar+49-(0)221-9822-202
Maren Paech
Program Manager Myanmar
Isabel BrennProgram Manager Myanmar+49-(0)221-9822-206
Isabel Brenn
Program Manager Myanmar
Nathalie VenanziProgram Administrator Myanmar+49-(0)221-9822-185
Nathalie Venanzi
Program Administrator Myanmar
Julia BrunnerPakistan
Julia Brunner

Daniel HilbringProgram Manager Cambodia+49-(0)221-9822-207
Daniel Hilbring
Program Manager Cambodia
Rebekka ToykaProgram Manager Pakistan+49-(0)221-9822-213
Rebekka Toyka
Program Manager Pakistan
Eva-Maria SchröderProgram Administrator Pakistan+49-(0)221-9822-216
Eva-Maria Schröder
Program Administrator Pakistan


Annette WilleHead of Finance & Administration+49-(0)221-9822-171
Annette Wille
Head of Finance & Administration
Katja HorstmannFinance Manager
Katja Horstmann
Finance Manager

Uwe FranzenFinance Administrator+49-(0)221-9822-156
Uwe Franzen
Finance Administrator
Martina GieskeFinance Manager+49-(0)221-9822-277
Martina Gieske
Finance Manager
Sebastian HuthmacherFinance Administrator+49-(0)221-9822-164
Sebastian Huthmacher
Finance Administrator
Bernd KretschmerFinance Administrator+49-(0)221-9822-173
Bernd Kretschmer
Finance Administrator
Sandra KrügerFinance Administrator+49-(0)221-9822-177
Sandra Krüger
Finance Administrator
José OrganeroIT Manager+49-(0)221-9822-118
José Organero
IT Manager
Heinz VogelProcurement Manager+49-(0)221-9822-184
Heinz Vogel
Procurement Manager
Julia KalininaAdministration+49-(0)221-9822-166
Julia Kalinina

Flood Relief

Walter KahnProgram Manager Flood Relief+49-(0)221-9822-153
Walter Kahn
Program Manager Flood Relief
Franziska Salm-ReifferscheidtProgram Administrator Flood Relief+49-(0)221-9822-665
Franziska Salm-Reifferscheidt
Program Administrator Flood Relief

Photos: Frank Lütke