Typhoon Haiyan: Thousands of survivors in the Philippines need your help!

Help the Filipino people survive and recover

Typhoon Haiyan swept through the island nation with incredible force on November 8, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Three months after the storm, the majority of survivors in the disaster region continue to live in tents and makeshift shelters.

During the emergency relief phase, Malteser International distributed packages with food, household and hygiene items to 18,000 people on the islands of Samar and Bantayan. We also set up large-capacity tents to be used as temporary classrooms and child-friendly spaces, provided school materials to nearly 2,500 children, and purchased tools and equipment for residents to clear the villages from debris.

Now, Malteser International is focusing on the long road to sustainable recovery. With support from our engineers and technicians, 1,200 homes will be rebuilt to withstand future typhoons. So that families have a source of income once again, we will help them start small businesses and set up funds for microloans at the community level. 

With your help, we can reach even more people in need of relief, helping to alleviate their suffering and restore their health and dignity. 

Donate now and give life-saving relief to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan!


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700 families are being able to rebuild their homes.

700 families are being able to rebuild their homes.
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