Photo: Carmen Wolf
Photo: Carmen Wolf

26 national Associations and Priories of the Order of Malta are currently members of Malteser International and actively support the organization in their areas of responsibility.
Currently, both regional branches in Europe and the Americas serve as associate members. Their representatives, together with the Board of Directors, the Grand Hospitaller of the Order of Malta, the Chaplain, the Secretary General and the Vice-Secretary General form the General Assembly, the organization’s highest decision-making body. The General Assembly is responsible for electing and discharging the Board of Directors, accepting the annual accounts, ordering financial audits as well as passing amendments to the by-laws. The President convokes the General Assembly once a year. 

The Board of Directors, which is elected for a four-year term, consists of the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, and up to two additional elected members, as well as the representatives from the regional branches Europe and Americas and from the Asian/Pacific region. The Board of Directors works on a purely voluntary basis and is responsible for approving the financial plans and the annual budget, as well as commissioning the financial auditing of the annual accounts. The Board of Directors bears the overall responsibility for the organization’s operative tasks.

The salaried Secretary General manages the organization’s General Secretariat. He is responsible for the operational management activities in line with the financial plan and the annual budget. The Secretary General and the Vice-Secretary General are appointed by the Board of Directors at the President’s suggestion. He prepares the meetings of the Board of Directors and participates in them in an advisory capacity. 

Thierry de Beaumont-Beynac

Richard von Steeb

Charles-Louis de Laguiche

Charles de Rohan
(United Kingdom)

Michele Burke Bowe

Karl zu Löwenstein

James F. O'Connor
Michael Khoo
Monseigneur Marc Stenger

Secretary GeneralVice-Secretary General
Ingo Radtke
Sid Johann Peruvemba