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Providing effective aid

In 2017, 1.65 million patients were treated in medical facilities supported by us all over the world.

192,000 people had access to clean drinking water thanks to our projects (2017).



Iraq: Malteser International to aid reconstruction in the Nineveh Plains

Malteser International has launched a new aid project to rebuild destroyed homes and create lasting future prospects for inhabitants of the Nineveh Plains in northwestern Iraq. The €30-million aid package will support measures aimed at assisting the return and reintegration process of communities displaced by IS terror and fighting in the region. Around 30,000 returnees and residents of the Nineveh Plains will benefit directly from the measures.

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WHO certifies Malteser International's Emergency Medical Team (EMT)

Malteser International is pleased to announce its emergency medical team (EMT) has been certified by the World Health Organization (WHO). Following a verification site visit by representatives from the WHO on Thursday, November 22 2018, Malteser International’s emergency medical team was successfully classified as EMT Type 1 Fixed. As a WHO-certified EMT, Malteser International will now be part of the WHO’s global registry and can be requested to respond to emergencies around the world.

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For a life in health and dignity

Help needed für Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

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