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Violence escalates in eastern DR Congo

Cologne/Ariwara. Following the recent attacks by the militant group M23 on the town of Sake, 25 kilometres from the provincial capital of Goma, the situation for refugees in the region is worsening. In addition, refugee camps have also been attacked in recent days and people can no longer feel safe there either. More than 500,000 displaced people are already living in Goma because they are seeking protection there. In the past few days alone, around 135,000 people have arrived. Many of them are children.

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Ukraine War: The Support for the Population has Changed

Lviv. When the Russian army invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Malteser in Ukraine began directly aiding those displaced by the conflict. They distributed food at the border crossings, in shelters and at train stations. As the conflict evolves, relief efforts have extended to the eastern and southern regions, benefitting over 300,000 individuals with crucial supplies such as food and generators. But intensifying bombardments by Russian forces have posed significant challenges, leading to restricted operations in key hubs like Kharkiv, Odessa, Zaporizhia, and even in Lviv.


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One year after the earthquake in Syria and Türkiye:

"What I saw shocked me"

Cologne. A year after the devastating earthquake in the border region between Syria and Türkiye, more than three million people remain displaced, living in makeshift shelters or tents. In northwestern Syria, the absence of state structures to coordinate reconstruction efforts has left a void, hindering the rebuilding process. The situation is further compounded by dwindling international funding, which has reduced UN aid, exacerbating food shortages and deepening the humanitarian crisis.

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Kenya: Climate-related flooding forces hundreds of thousands to flee

Malteser International distributes relief goods

Nairobi. During the past weeks, heavy rainfalls have forced millions of people in East Africa to abandon their houses; there were more than 200 casualties so far. In Kenia alone, over half a million people are affected by the floodings. The intense rain was caused by weather phenomena like El Niño, which have led to extreme weather this year, as well as the increasing effects of climate change. “By now, practically everything drowns in the sheer water masses caused by the El Niño effect”, says Martin Schömburg, country coordinator Kenia at Malteser International. Together with the local partner organization PCIDA, Malteser International has now increased its emergency relief action.


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Emergency Aid in Gaza

Humanitarian organizations start distributions

Germany. The aid organizations action medeor, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, and Malteser International from Germany's Relief Coalition 'Aktion Deutschland Hilft' are launching emergency aid in Gaza to support people in need. Through a local Egyptian partner organization, the organizations distribute food packages to families in Gaza. "It is important in this situation to stand together and provide humanitarian aid to people who urgently need it. I am very pleased that, together with other organizations from Germany's Relief Coalition 'Aktion Deutschland Hilft,' we can provide this support to the people in Gaza," says Thomas Weiß, Head of the Middle East Department at Malteser International.

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