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Providing effective aid

In 2017, 1.65 million patients were treated in medical facilities supported by us all over the world.

192,000 people had access to clean drinking water thanks to our projects (2017).



Awards For Hewa Faiq Omar And Faiza Essa Toma On International Nurses Day

On Friday, May 10, 2019, Hewa Faiq Omar and Faiza Essa Toma, two nurses working in Malteser International projects in Iraq received awards for their exceptional service. The awards were presented during a ceremony held by Nurses With Global Impact to commemorate International Nurses Day at the United Nations.

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Malteser International closes office in Vietnam

After more than 40 years of aid for the people of Vietnam, Malteser International has closed its office in Da Nang. The local employees have founded their own relief organisation and continue to work for the most vulnerable, especially in the area of inclusive disaster prevention.

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Moments of 2018

From the continued conflict in Syria, the refugee crises in South Sudan, Myanmar and Venezuela, and the earthquakes and tsunamis that hit Indonesia, millions of people around the world were affected by a number of humanitarian crises.

Our aid efforts in 2018 encompassed 28 countries and included the provision of medical care for those in need, support for refugees and displaced persons and much more. Our mission to enable people in need to live in health and dignity will continue even into the future.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your support in 2018!


For a life in health and dignity

Help needed für Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

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