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Earthquake in Morocco: Malteser International assessment team on site

Cologne. An assessment team from Malteser International (MI) reached Marrakech on Monday evening and will be working in the Atlas Mountains during the coming days to get an idea of what those affected by the earthquake need most. MI is working together with its local partners to provide urgently needed help and is in close contact with the Embassy of the Order of Malta to Morocco.  

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Six years after the Rohingya fled to Bangladesh: In the world's largest refugee camp, supplies keep getting worse

Cologne/Cox’s Bazar. Six years ago, when more than 740,000 people from the Rohingya ethnic group were forcibly displaced from Myanmar and found refuge in Bangladesh, the largest refugee camp on earth was created. In the camp, which was built provisionally at the time near the town of Cox's Bazar, the supply situation for the people is getting increasingly worse. In view of the many crises in the world, there is less and less money available for the Rohingya crisis.

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Six months after the earthquake in Syria and Türkiye

"The extent of the destruction is still inconceivable. Although clean-up work is progressing in many parts of Türkiye and reconstruction has begun in some areas, millions of people are left with nothing," explains Dr. Thomas Weiss, Head of Malteser International's Middle East Department. Six months after the devastating earthquake in Türkiye and Syria, Malteser International has expanded relief efforts. The need for humanitarian support is still high.

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Out now: our annual report 2022

In 2022 alone, we provided effective assistance in some of the biggest humanitarian crises with 134 aid projects in 36 countries worldwide. More than 4.3 million people benefited directly from our aid. The health and well-being of people are the focus of our work. In 2022, around 2.7 million people received treatment at the 686 healthcare facilities we support all around the world. In addition, global refugee aid remained one of the focal points of our work, as more and more regions are affected by violent conflicts and the effects of climate change.

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Increasing violence in DR Congo: Over 6 million people are forced to flee

Malteser International provides medicines and drinking water

Cologne/Ariwara: The Democratic Republic of Congo currently faces an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, with a staggering six million people displaced due to intensifying conflicts caused by non-state armed groups. Responding to the growing number of refugees, Malteser International is expanding its assistance efforts in the Mahagi region of Ituri province. 

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MI Emergency Medical Team participated in EU MODEX simulation exercise

Cologne/Arcevia. From 06 to 10 June, our Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Type 1 participated in a full-scale simulation exercise in Arcevia, Italy, organized by EU MODEX. Together with 119 participants, our 18-member team from 7 countries had the opportunity to go through a deployment in a disaster, allowing them to test and improve their skills and preparedness. The scenario: The fictional country of Modulistan was hit by a major earthquake. Through the World Health Organization (WHO), the government requested EMT support. Romania, Austria, Andorra and Germany sent their teams to help the affected people with medical care.

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Cyclone Mocha in Myanmar/Bangladesh: Malteser International provides EUR 100,000 emergency relief and distributes relief goods

Cologne/Yangon/Cox's Bazar: On Sunday morning local time, cyclone "Mocha" hit the coastal regions of Myanmar and Bangladesh with wind speeds of up to 210 kilometers per hour. An official death toll has not yet been released. According to the international disaster warning system GDACS, around three million people in Myanmar and Bangladesh could be affected by the cyclone. MI staff and local partner organizations in Myanmar and Bangladesh have already started to distribute the first relief goods to people who have lost everything as a result of the storm. Malteser International has already pledged an initial 100,000 euro for emergency relief measures.

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Malteser International: New Board for the organization elected

Cologne/London. The General Assembly meeting in London on 24th March elected a new Board for Malteser International e.V. (MI). Two additional board positions were created to expand the expertise available to the leadership of the organization. Five existing Board Members were re-elected for an additional term and were joined by five new members. Raphael Vermeir, from Belgium, and a member of the British Association of the Order, was elected as the President.

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Syria's children of war: 12 years of violence and suffering

Cologne/Kilis. On the day Ahmed was born, his father died in a hail of bullets. That was at the beginning of the war in Syria. Today Ahmed is twelve years old and has never known a life outside of war, flight, and destruction. He was born in the town of Homs, but his parents’ house was destroyed and so his mother fled with Ahmed and his siblings to Bab al-Hawah near the Turkish-Syrian border. That was also his home when the devastating earthquake hit Türkiye and Syria on February 6.

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Bangladesh: Medical care extended after major fire in refugee camp

Cologne/Cox’s Bazar. On Sunday afternoon, a major fire broke out in Bangladesh in the world’s largest refugee camp, near the city of Cox’ Bazar. Around 2,000 shelters have been destroyed and nearly 12,000 people lost their home. “People are in complete shock, and many are injured. They require urgent medical and psychological care. Ninety facilities, including many primary health care units, were destroyed” says Cordula Wasser, head of Malteser International’s Asia department.

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