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Out now: Our Annual Report 2021

In 2021 the number of forcibly displaced people worldwide rose to 90 million. Over 800 million people suffered from hunger worldwide. And at the same time, we were able to make a major difference thanks to your support. In our newly published annual report, we look back on past year activities and successful accomplishments in 2021.

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Uganda: At least 21 dead in severe floods

Cologne/Mbale. Heavy rainfall in eastern Uganda have resulted in two rivers bursting their banks in the night from Saturday to Sunday. 21 people have already been recovered dead, hundreds are still missing. Coordinated by Malteser International, eight staff members of local organizations are supporting the rescue workers on site in recovery and rescue operations.

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Syria: Closure of border crossing for aid deliveries is a humanitarian disaster

Cologne. After Russia vetoed the extension of the resolution in the UN Security Council on 8th July, the last border crossing for UN aid supplies between Syria and Turkey will have to close from Sunday. Malteser International warns that this will result in a humanitarian disaster in northern Syria. 

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Hunger in South Sudan worse than ever

Cologne/Juba. Rising prices on the world market, severe impacts of climate change and economic consequences of the pandemic lead to almost two-thirds of the population in South Sudan depending on aid. According to the UN, 7.7 million people are currently unable to feed themselves adequately.

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Afghanistan/Earthquake: Malteser International provides 100,000 euros

Cologne. After the severe earthquake in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday night, Malteser International is providing emergency relief in the amount of 100,000 Euros. A first team of the local partner organisation "Union Aid" has set out for the province of Paktika, which has been hit particularly hard by the earthquake, to provide 1,000 households with emergency medical kits, drinking water and basic food.

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World Refugee Day: More and more people will flee because of hunger

Cologne. The number of people affected by hunger worldwide is rising rapidly. The causes are manifold: the catastrophic effects of climate change, wars and conflicts, and skyrocketing prices for wheat, cooking oil, fertiliser and petrol as a result of the Ukraine war. The hunger crisis exacerbated by the Ukraine war will also have an impact on refugee movements.

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Ukraine: Psychological care for evacuees from Mariupol

Cologne/Lviv. In the past days, around 2,600 people have been evacuated from Mariupol to the eastern Ukrainian city of Dnipro. Ten psychologists from Malteser Ukraine are offering psychological consultations. "The demand for our consultations is high. Around 200 people are queuing in order to get help from our professionals. Especially adults urgently need psychological support to cope with having been locked up for months. That's a huge challenge we have to overcome. It is not easy for our professionals to deal with the stories they listen to every day. But they keep going because these people need someone they can talk to," says Pavlo Titko, head of Malteser Ukraine. Dnipro is also repeatedly a target of Russian missiles.

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