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2019 was another year of humanitarian challenges around the world and we remain committed to bringing help to the most vulnerable.

As we wrap up the year, we want to recognize our supporters, sponsors, institutional donors, and last but not the least, our teams and partners worldwide. You made our work in 2019 possible. Thank you!

Watch to find out how and where your support has made a difference for peopple in need this year.

Flight and displacement are among the main causes of humanitarian crises. Today, in 2019, more than 68 million people are on the run.

Supporting refugees is at the heart of our work. The Order of Malta is active worldwide to alleviate their suffering and give them hope again. 



Haiti marks 10 year anniversary of earthquake amid worsening food insecurity

Ten years after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the country is still struggling to recover. The anniversary comes in the wake of urgent calls to action following reports of worsening food insecurity due to months of drought and political instability. Almost 4 million people are now in urgent need of emergency food assistance. That is one in three people in Haiti.

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Shelter Assistance after Typhoon Kammuri

In early December 2019, Typhoon Kammuri made landfalls in Philippines. According to the Philippine Government, 426,268 families were affected in 6 regions. 58,503 houses were totally destroyed, while 335,203 houses sustained damages. Malteser International and the Order of Malta are focussing on the assistance for the reconstruction of houses.

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Innovation Forum Kampala: locally led approaches to crisis response highlighted

How to improve justice and efficiency of humanitarian assistance? From November 19 -21 more than 80 humanitarian frontline workers from six African countries as well as 21 participants from Europe, the United States, and Asia, exchanged their ideas and experiences at the Kampala Innovation Forum on Locally Led Response to Crisis and Displacement. Over the course of three days participants highlighted existing approaches that focus on the demands and responsibility of people affected by crisis.

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Providing effective aid

In 2018, 2 million patients were treated in medical facilities supported by us all over the world.

355,000 people had access to clean drinking water thanks to our projects (2018).


For a life in health and dignity

The greatest gift: A new life

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