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Malteser International completes quality assurance inspections from the EU and the German Foreign Office

A constant review and improvement of its humanitarian operations is a core part of Malteser International’s commitment to meeting international standards of quality and accountability. The organization has therefore undergone and successfully completed two quality assessments during the first quarter of 2021. The European Commission and the German Federal Foreign Office have both certified Malteser International's high quality standards in the programmatic and operational execution of humanitarian aid for people in need.

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Malteser International offers support as fire devastates Rohingya camp in Bangladesh

Cologne/Cox’s Bazar. Malteser International is responding in the aftermath of the deadly fire that broke out in the Bangladeshi city of Cox's Bazar on Monday. The blaze destroyed thousands of shelters inside the world’s largest refugee settlement, displacing 45,000 people and injuring over 500. Eleven people have been reported dead and over 400 are still missing.

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Syria: Millions of children now in the grip of hunger after 10 years of war

Malteser International is urging the international community not to forget the suffering of children in Syria as the country approaches the 10-year mark in its civil war. Over 2 million children in Idlib, in north-west Syria, have only known a life of fear and displacement. Continued hostilities in the region have also worsened their health with one out of three children now severely malnourished.

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Pope’s visit to Iraq: Malteser International spotlights support for Christians and other religious minorities

"Nobody will benefit if we allow the divisions that have been torn between communities that lived in peace together for centuries become permanent. Alongside partner organizations, we have worked to make it possible for the displaced communities to return. But reconciliation is the next and biggest challenge. We hope that this visit from His Holiness will help to usher in a new era of peace."

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