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In 2018, 2 million patients were treated in medical facilities supported by us all over the world.

355,000 people had access to clean drinking water thanks to our projects (2018).



Malteser International prepares Hurricane Dorian response

Malteser International is preparing emergency relief measures for affected people after Hurricane Dorian ravaged the Bahamas. The United Nations has announced that some 70,000 people were "in immediate need of life-saving assistance" in the country, with urgent needs including food, water, shelter and medicine. Malteser International is urgently calling for donations to provide assistance for those affected by Hurricane Dorian and is preparing for possible relief operations in the United States.

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IBSF launches manufacturing facility to boost ecofriendly construction in Uganda

Uganda is currently hosting over a million refugees, mostly from South Sudan. Their arrival has put a strain on the environment and the labour market. Malteser International and Impact Business Solutions Foundations (IBSF), a Ugandan social enterprise, are tackling environmental degradation by promoting the ecofriendly construction, while creating new jobs for refugees and members of host communities.

On Thursday, August 22, IBSF opened a new facility for the production of straw bale panels, an ecofriendly building material.

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World Humanitarian Day - Celebrating Women Humanitarians

For this year's World Humanitarian Day, Malteser International is joining the global campaign to pay special tribute to the many women humanitarians who make huge sacrifices to help the world become a better place. They make up a large number of those who risk their own lives to save others and they deserve to be celebrated. We spoke to some of Malteser International's women humanitarians about the challenges they face and what it means to be a humanitarian aid worker.

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WHO declares international emergency over DR Congo Ebola outbreak

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the Ebola crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo a “public health emergency of international concern” and warned that the possibility of the outbreak spreading across the region “remains very high.” In close cooperation with the Congolese Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO), Malteser International is working to improve hygiene and infection prevention and control measures in the region, but we need to step up our efforts in combating the deadly virus.


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World Refugee Day 2019: Malteser International urges more support for countries hosting refugees

On the occasion of World Refugee Day 2019, Malteser International is urging the international community to do more in helping developing nations respond to refugee situations. According to the United Nations, 85 percent of refugees around the world are being hosted by the poorest countries. “There is a huge imbalance in international support for the world’s displaced people,” says Ingo Radtke, Malteser International’s Secretary General. “Developing countries are shouldering the bulk of the responsibility towards refugees.''

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For a life in health and dignity

Help needed für Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

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