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The humanitarian situation in Iraq is entering a new phase. Although the conflict between the government and the so-called Islamic State is over, unpredictable dynamics continue to affect humanitarian operations throughout the country. Small-scale attacks by armed groups in some areas are causing new waves of displacement and preventing displaced people from returning to their homes. Rising poverty, delays in community reconciliation, absence of livelihood opportunities as well as political and social tensions have equally raised fears of renewed instability. Significant efforts are underway to help many Iraqis return to their normal lives after long periods of conflict, but it will take years to rebuild Iraq.

According to United Nations reports as at November 2018, more than 6 million people living in areas affected by conflict are dependent on humanitarian aid.

As a consequence of the developments in the Middle East, Malteser International has, since 2014, expanded its emergency relief for refugees and internally displaced people, particularly in Iraq. We are working together with local partners in the Kurdish region of Iraq (Dohouk and Erbil) as well as in Central  Iraq (Anbar, Ninewa and Salah Al Din) to provide primary healthcare services in camps for displaced people while assisting the return and reintegration process of communities displaced by conflict.

Zahra’s Story

I had just got ready for work when my mother told me we had to run. I had to change – take off my makeup and put on discreet clothes so that I wouldn’t stand out. Then we went...” Zahra is Malteser International's pharmacist at the Bersevi II refugee camp in Kurdistan, and a refugee herself. Read her story here!

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