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The Malteser International team

The Malteser International team consists of over 730 members working in more than 20 countries to help people in need live a life in health and dignity. The members of our team are drawn from the experts in their fields, which range from logistics and finance, to public health and project management.

Our colleagues on the ground are supported by around 65 staff members at the General Secretariat, and in the regional offices in Cologne and New York City. In total, the members of our team around the world are drawn from over 30 different countries of origin.


Ingo Radtke Secretary General +49-(0)221-9822-151
Ingo Radtke
Secretary General
Andrea Barth Secretariat +49-(0)221-9822-151
Andrea Barth
Eva-Maria Böhmer
Internal Auditor

Strategy and Global Policy

Stefan Pleisnitzer
Policy Director
Conor Heathcote
Executive Policy Officer

Organizational development, Quality und Knowledge Management

Annette Wächter-Schneider
Team Leader
Dr. Jürgen Clemens
Senior Program Advisor
Kai Pohlmann
Quality and Knowledge Management

Emergency Relief

Oliver Hochedez
Emergency Relief Coordinator
Martin Haase Logistics +49-(0)221-9822-668
Martin Haase
Lisa Schönmeier
Emergency Relief
Emanuel Papadakis
Emergency Relief


Ingo Radtke
Executive Director
Stefan Pleisnitzer
Interim Program Director
Andrea Barth Secretariat +49-(0)221-9822-151
Andrea Barth


Michael Etoh International Communications (English) +49-(0)221-9822-203
Michael Etoh
Team Leader & International Communications (English)
Katharina Kiecol
International Communications (German)
Susanna Kremer
International Communications (German)
Anne Hensel
International Communications
Johanna Osswald
International Communications (French)

Human Resources

Sonja Greiner Human Resources Manager +49-(0)221-9822-165
Sonja Greiner
Human Resources Manager
Stephan Bruhn
Human Resources

Finance and IT

Martina Gieske
Head of Finance & Administration
Julia Kalinina
Florian Brink  IT +49-(0)221-9822-118
Florian Brink
IT Administrator
Bernd Kretschmer  Finance +49-(0)221-9822-173
Bernd Kretschmer
Uwe Franzen Finance +49-(0)221-9822-156
Uwe Franzen
Sandra Krüger  Finance +49-(0)221-9822-177
Sandra Krüger
Sebastian Huthmacher Finance +49-(0)221-9822-164
Sebastian Huthmacher


Cordula Wasser Asia Team Leader +49-(0)221-9822-212
Cordula Wasser
Team Leader Asia
Marion Zeus
Myanmar & Thailand
Maren Paech Myanmar & Thailand +49-(0)221-9822-202
Maren Paech
Isabel Brenn
India & Philippines
Daniel Hilbring  Cambodia & Vietnam +49-(0)221-9822-207
Daniel Hilbring
Cambodia & Vietnam
Diego Curvo
Diego Curvo
Bangladesh & Nepal


Roland Hansen Africa Team Leader +49-(0)221-9822-162
Roland Hansen
Africa Team Leader
Alexandra Kaiser
Johannes Schildknecht
DR Congo
Daniel Bergfeld
Kenya & Tanzania
Daniela Krings
Michael Fuchs
Iovanna Lesniewski DR Congo +49-(0)221-9822-195
Iovanna Lesniewski
DR Congo
Rebekka Goeke
Rebekka Goeke
Anja Müting
South Sudan

Middle East

Janine Lietmeyer Syria & Turkey +49-(0)221-9822-278
Janine Lietmeyer
Team Leader Middle East
Eva-Lotta Schiermeyer
Stefanie Heil  Iraq +49-(0)221-9822-276
Stefanie Heil
Syria & Turkey
Theresa Rieps Turkey +49-(0)221-9822-207
Theresa Tesan

Program Administration

Katja Horstmann Administration Team Leader +49-(0)221-9822-275
Katja Horstmann
Team Leader
Susanne Wessig
Myanmar, Thailand
Sebastian Zimmer
Nathalie Venanzi
Deputy Team Leader
Yahya Abu-Yahya
Lisa Kramer
Turkey & Syria
Mleczko, Magdalena
Anne Rickert
Cambodia, India, Nepal, The Philippines
Laura Menke
Kenya, Nigeria
Lisa Kretzschmar
Ravi Tripptrap
Executive Director
Jelena Kaifenheim +49-(0)221-96441-281
Jelena Kaifenheim
Regional Manager Latin America & the Caribbean
Julian de Mayo
Timo Nikolaus Peru & Mexico +49-(0)221-96441-283
Timo Nikolaus
Peru & Mexico
Ellen Powers  Fundraising
Ellen Powers
Help to give people in need the chance of a life in health and dignity!
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