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Financial Information

Malteser International uses donations and all funds entrusted to it economically, efficiently, and in a goal-oriented manner. Our independently audited financial statements have consistently shown that administration and management costs remain within an objectively appropriate limit. In line with our commitment to transparency, every year, we give account about our finances, our donors and how and where donations are utilised. These details are published in our annual reports as well as on our website.

2020 Overview

Malteser International’s 2020 revenue rose to € 105.2 million – up from € 80.3 million in the previous year. This was largely due to the signing of a € 28.4 million contract at the end of 2020 for the four-year program to support healthcare and agriculture in Lebanon.

Revenues from public-sector grants amounted to € 88.2 million (€ 33.9 million in 2019), including € 80.8 million from the German government, € 1 million from the United Nations and around € 840.000 from the USA.

Around € 13.1 million came from individual donors and the international Order of Malta network as well as other revenue such as adjustments of partner contracts, sales revenues, exchange gains, income from the release of provisions. Our coalitions and donation campaigns helped us raise € 2.9 million, thanks in large part to the support of Aktion Deutschland Hilft - Germany's Relief Coalition. We received a sum of € 1.06 million through funding from foundations and other non-governmental organizations.

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Revenue and project volume development

In 2020, we spent a total of € 73.9 million on our program activities. Funds not applied in a given fiscal year are transferred to liabilities and earmarked for projects in the following year. Surpluses were transferred to the reserves. Contract adjustments amounted to reductions in project funding totaling € 400,000. These adjustments to project contracts are necessary, if, for example, project components of the project cannot be implemented due to COVID-19 (or other risks, such as war, insurgency, etc.). Malteser International uses all entrusted funds economically, efficiently and in a goal-oriented manner to fulfill its tasks while working to ensure that administration and management costs remain proportional to the project expenses. At around 4 million euros, management and administrative costs remained the same as in the previous year.

2020 Program overview

In 2020, Malteser International worked on more than 130 projects reaching people in need across 32 countries. In the Middle East, we delivered € 25.7
million worth of aid. Our program funding for Africa and Asia totaled € 25.3 million and € 15.2 million respectively. In the Americas, we provided assistance
to the tune of € 7.5 million. Healthcare remains the largest sector of our work, accounting for more than half of the total program funding (54.5 percent).

Balanced sheet 2020

The consolidated balance sheet of Malteser International comprises the accounts of the three entities: Malteser International e.V. with headquarters in Cologne, Germany, Malteser International Americas Inc. (Order of Malta Worldwide Relief Malteser International Americas Inc.) with headquarters in New York, and Malteser International Europe. Malteser International Europe is a legally dependent division of Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. with its own financial statement. The internal transactions of the three entities are eliminated in the combined balance sheet. For the sake of transparency, we prepared the financial statement to reflect the individual balance sheet of the three entities as well as an overall view of Malteser International’s accounts.

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