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Financial Information

Malteser International uses donations and all funds entrusted to it economically, efficiently, and in a goal-oriented manner. Our independently audited financial statements have consistently shown that administration and management costs remain within an objectively appropriate limit. In line with our commitment to transparency, every year, we give account about our finances, our donors and how and where donations are utilised. These details are published in our annual reports as well as on our website.

2018 Overview

In 2018, our generous supporters helped us achieve record revenue of €94.5 million. This includes a total project volume of €63 million, almost two times the figure in 2015 (€32 million). The increase in volume allowed us to respond to various humanitarian crises whilst also financing long-term development measures.

More than half of our revenue in 2018 came from public and institutional donors who provided €71.1 million, including €64.3 million from the German government. Approximately €6.5 million euros came from the European Union. Our coalitions and donation campaigns helped us raise €2.8million, thanks in large part to the support of Aktion Deutschland Hilft - Germany's Relief Coalition. Around €14.8 million came from individual donors and the international Order of Malta network. We received a sum of €5.8 million through funding from foundations and other non-governmental organizations.

Revenue and expenditure development since 2014



Where and how your gift helped

Our expenses by sector 2017 - 2018

Our vision at Malteser International is to a life in health and dignity for all. This is why we provide rapid and effective relief in the aftermath of an emergency in the form of medical care, clean drinking water, adequate sanitation, as well as food and essential supplies. Even in the early phase of emergency relief, our programs focus on building the resilience of affected communities in order to ensure sustainable development. We also work to help vulnerable people improve their livelihoods, and build economic self-sufficiency for themselves in the long term.

In 2018, health programs remained a major focus of most of our projects, taking up to 43% of our project expenses. This was followed by our WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) projects which accounted for 14% of our expenditures. The pie chart shows a sectoral diversification that is a reflection of an increasing shift from traditional forms of aid such as healthcare to initiatives aimed at longterm development like improving livelihoods, rebuilding infrastructure, and creating employment.

Our project volume for Africa was €21.1 million in 2018. This included €6.6 million in healthcare projects in the DR Congo, €4.9 million as part of our assistance for people affected by the violent conflict in South Sudan and €3.8 million for our refugee assistance and development programs in Uganda.

In the Middle East, we implemented programs to the tune of €18 million in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Turkey. A significant part of the toal volume for Middle East was accounted for by our recovery and reconstruction program in Iraq; €10.9 million.

In 2018, our 50 projects in ten Asian countries totaled €15.1 million in expenses. We worked to improve healthcare, water and sanitation as well as disaster preparedness. Myanmar (€5.7 million), Bangladesh (€2.3 million) and Pakistan (€2.3 million) were our largest countries of operation in terms of project volume. 2018 also saw our teams in the Americas respond to the refugee crisis in Columbia with a total voulme of €1.9 million. In Haiti, the project volume totaled €1.5 million. Our projects in Germany and Ukraine, which comprise our work in Europe, had a total volume of €1.3 million.

Balanced sheet 2018

The consolidated balance sheet of Malteser International comprises the accounts of the three entities: Malteser International e.V. with headquarters in Cologne, Germany, Malteser International Americas Inc.*, with headquarters in New York, and Malteser International Europe. Malteser International Europe is a legally dependent division of Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. with its own financial statement. The internal transactions of the three entities are eliminated in the consolidated balance sheet. For the sake of transparency, we have prepared the financial statement to reflect the individual balance sheet of the three entities, as well as an overall view of Malteser International‘s accounts.


*Order of Malta Worldwide Relief Malteser International Americas Inc.

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