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The structure of Malteser International

Malteser International is a non-governmental organization with headquarters in Europe and America. The organization’s General Secretariat, as well as its European headquarters are located in Cologne, Germany. The American headquarters are based in New York City, USA.

The international network of the Order of Malta plays an essential role in our work, allowing us to help people in need quickly and efficiently. Currently, 27 national associations and priories of the Order of Malta are members of Malteser International, and actively support the organization within their jurisdictions. Currently, both regional branches in Europe and the Americas serve as associate members.

Please visit here the US-version of our website www.orderofmaltarelief.org

The Board of Directors, which is elected for a four-year term, consists of the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, and up to two additional elected members, as well as the representatives from the regional branches in Europe and the Americas, and from the Asia-Pacific region. The Board of Directors works on a purely voluntary basis and is responsible for approving the financial plans and the annual budget, as well as commissioning the financial auditing of the annual accounts. The Board of Directors bears the overall responsibility for the organization’s operative tasks. The Board of Malteser International e.V. consists of:

The salaried Secretary General manages the organization’s General Secretariat. He is responsible for the operational management activities in line with the financial plan and the annual budget. The presidents of the Board of Directors nominate the Secretary General and his deputy. The Secretary General is responsible for preparing meetings of the Board, and takes an advisory part in these meetings. The management of Malteser International presently consists of:

The current membership of Malteser International consists of 27 National Associations and Priories of the Order of Malta, who actively support the organization within their jurisdictions. Currently, both regional branches in Europe and the Americas serve as associate members. Their representatives, together with the Board of Directors, the Grand Hospitaller of the Order of Malta, the Chaplain, the Secretary General and the Vice-Secretary General form the General Assembly: the organization’s highest decision-making body. The General Assembly is responsible for electing and discharging the Board of Directors, accepting the annual accounts, ordering financial audits as well as passing amendments to the by-laws. The President convokes the General Assembly once a year. The following associations and priories of the Order of Malta are presently members of Malteser International:


American (USA)
Federal (USA)
Western (USA)

Branches of Malteser International

Erna-Scheffler-Str. 2
51103 Cologne
Phone: +49 221 9822-7101
Fax: +49 221 9822-7498
Email: info@malteser-international.org
Website: www.malteser-international.org

Johannesgasse 2
1010 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 512 72 44
Fax: +43 1 513 92 90
Email: info@malteser-international.at
Website: www.malteser-international.org

Americas/New York
1011 First Avenue, Suite 1322
New York,
NY 10022
Phone: +1 646 794 3457
Fax: +1 646 794 3459
Email: contact@malteser-international.org
Website: orderofmaltarelief.org

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