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War in Ukraine: Our humanitarian aid for the people in need

Ukraine, the largest country in Europe in terms of area, has been struggling for peace since before February 24, 2022. War has been raging in eastern Ukraine since 2014. After Russia first annexed the Crimean peninsula and then launched a hybrid war in the Donbas, there have been repeated battles along the front lines. The agreements concluded in Minsk were never fully implemented, and the negotiated ceasefire was also repeatedly broken. 

In the early morning of February 24, 2022, Russia launched a nationwide war of aggression against Ukraine. Since then, more than 14 million Ukrainians have been dependent on humanitarian aid (as of February 2024, source: UN Refugee Agency). Everyone in the country is suffering from the consequences of the war, which is omnipresent every day. Those affected face new challenges every day. Medical care, the reconstruction of destroyed houses and important infrastructure, the provision of shelter, the transport of essential relief supplies and psychosocial support are just some of the support needs. 

The international Malteser family was, is and will stand with the people affected by the war in Ukraine – for as long as they require help. We provide aid adapted to the dynamic situation and needs on the ground.

With your support we help those affected by the Ukraine war:

This is how we help people in Ukraine with your donation:

The war in Ukraine continues. Millions of people still depend on aid – and will for decades to come. We support the people in Ukraine with various aid measures, working closely with the Malteser Ukraine team and other partners that assess the needs of the people on the ground and administer the aid.   

Our aid program focuses on psychosocial support for internally displaced persons (IDPs), strengthening the health system, winter aid and delivering urgently needed relief supplies


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News and info about the Ukraine war and our help:


On the run: Health must not be left behind

Follow our digital campaign on the occasion of World Refugee Day 2023.

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More psychosocial support for Ukraine

In the second year of war, we must continue to support Ukraine.

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Working together to heal invisible wounds

Mobile teams provide psychosocial support to children and youngsters.

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"The people in Ukraine are traumatised"

"We expect that after the war millions of people will still need therapeutic support."

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Our aid continues despite the attacks

After several major cities in western Ukraine were bombed, our work continues.

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Winter relief starting in Ukraine

In Ukraine, we prepare refugees and people whose homes have been destroyed for the winter.

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Stories and faces of our help:

Maria's courageous escape from the occupation

Maria fled with her children and great-grandmother to Lviv, where she received psychological support.

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Winter Aid Ukraine: A warm barn for Grandma Nina

Volunteers managed to insulate a barn for Nina, who lost her house in the war.

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44 Days Without Daylight

When war breaks out, Nadiya's family survives 44 days in their basement in Kharkiv without daylight before fleeing to Lviv.


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Searching for safety: Displaced for the second time

Darya and Stanislav are again awakened by bombs in Mariupol, having already fled attacks in 2014.

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Faces of War - Stories from Mariupol

Kateryna, herself a refugee and homeless, now travels Europe with her daughter and shares her experiences of war.

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The humanitarian situation in Ukraine

Pavlo Titko, head of Malteser Ukraine, reports from Lviv on the humanitarian situation and the needs of those affected by the war, as well as his approach to the extreme situation.

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Stories and news from Ukraine before the war:

"All that was in my mind was the war."

After his return from the front, Sascha changed, becoming anxious and aggressive until he received psychosocial support.

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Faces of our help: Oksana L.

Around 47,000 displaced people are currently living in Severodonetsk. Oksana L. was one of them and is now helping people to make a new start.

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Faces of our help: as a trauma therapist in a crisis area

Oksana heads a project providing psychosocial support for people affected by war in Ukraine and reports on the challenges they face.

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Completed projects:


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