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Prostheses and rehabilitation services

Amputations, namely the removal of a part of the body, are always necessary if severe damage has been done – usually to the leg or arm and preserving the limb would be life-threatening – or there is no longer any chance of recovery. Amputations are the last resort. The need for rehabilitation in the form of prostheses exists worldwide, triggered for example by accidents, injuries, circulatory disorders, diabetes or cancer. In military conflicts and wars, the number of amputations is increasing rapidly due to serious injuries, mines, and insufficient medical care.

In Ukraine, around 30,000 amputations had to be carried out every year until 2022. Since then, the number of amputations per year has roughly tripled. The main reason for this massive increase is the war and associated injuries. At the same time, the number of people with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes is also increasing significantly. Until 2022, the Ukrainian healthcare system was well-equipped to meet the requirements, but today the demand far exceeds the existing capacities of the clinics in the country. To make matters worse, many patients are traumatized and, in some cases, have lost several limbs.  

Since summer 2022, Malteser International has been supporting a hospital in Lviv that offers amputation patients multidisciplinary treatment – including physiotherapy and psychotherapy – to give people with prostheses the best possible start to a new life. To alleviate the huge need, a workshop container was procured from Germany and delivered to Ukraine to increase the capacity for producing prostheses. In addition, two orthopedic technicians received further training in Germany, prostheses and machines were purchased and a patient care room was equipped. So far, 220 people from all oblasts of Ukraine have been fitted with a total of 244 prostheses

  • Further training for two orthopedic technicians in Germany 
  • Orthopedic devices' procurement, delivery to Ukraine, device installations at hospital premises in Lviv and establishment of a prosthetics workshop in Lviv 
  • Treatment of 220 amputation patients  
  • Fitting of 244 prostheses based on the individual needs of patients 

Project data

Partner: Malteser Ukraine, Unbroken, Ottobock

Project region: Lviv region, Ukraine

Donors: Federal Foreign Office, Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Hinrich-Rave Foundation

Runtime: since August 2022


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