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Our emergency relief in Gaza - Donations for people in need

Due to the escalating Middle East conflict, the humanitarian situation for the civilian population in the Gaza Strip is life-threatening. The living conditions are catastrophic. The supply of food and other essential goods as well as medical care are almost impossible. Food stocks are almost exhausted, and medicine is in short supply. Currently, 1.1 million people are suffering from hunger and are facing catastrophic famine. 

Malteser International is working with the Order of Malta and local partners on the ground to provide urgently needed emergency relief.

Find out more about the situation, our humanitarian work and help the people in need with your donation. Every support counts!  

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The situation in the Gaza Strip: Hunger and inadequate supplies of essential goods

The war in Gaza is not only causing numerous civilian casualties but is also exposing the population to a high health risk. People in need in the Gaza Strip are largely cut off from the outside world due to the fighting. Access to humanitarian and medical aid and essential goods is severely limited. Supplies are becoming increasingly scarce or have long since been used up, meaning that the humanitarian situation is worsening by the day. 

The food supply is so inadequate that, according to the latest figures in the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) report, 1.1 million people are experiencing catastrophic food insecurity (level 5, the highest level of the IPC). The entire population is affected by acute food insecurity. One in three children under the age of two in northern Gaza is malnourished (as of 03/2024, source: UNICEF), and many have already died of hunger. The healthcare system has collapsed. The few hospitals that are still functional are extremely overwhelmed and health care workers are operating under most extreme conditions. There is a lack of everything. People in the Gaza Strip are urgently dependent on humanitarian aid to survive. 

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Our joint aid for the people of Gaza

Together with the Order of Malta, Malteser International, in cooperation with the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, has started a joint humanitarian mission in the Gaza Strip to provide direct humanitarian assistance to the local population in need.  

Our joint emergency response includes the provision of non-perishable food, ready-to-eat meals and specialized food for malnourished children and adults, as well as other essential supplies. The aim of our joint humanitarian mission is to provide life-saving food and medical aid to the suffering population in Gaza. 

We are dependent on your donations for our emergency relief. Support our work and help people in the Gaza Strip with your donation. 

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News about our emergency relief in the Gaza Strip



Jerusalem-Rome-Cologne. His Beatitude, Pierbattista Cardinal Pizzaballa, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem entered today Gaza and reached the parish of the Holy Family for a pastoral  visit. Together with His Beatitude was Fra’ Alessandro de Franciscis, Grand Hospitaller of the Sovereign Order of Malta. Accompanying the small delegation was also Fr. Gabriele Romanelli, parish priest of Gaza. They met the suffering population to encourage them and to deliver a message of hope, solidarity, and support. His Beatitude presided the mass in the parish church with the local community and visited the St. Porphyrius Orthodox church and met with Bishop Alexios and the community.

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Frequently asked questions about our emergency relief in Gaza

Financial donations are the most effective and fastest way to support the people in need in Gaza. You can donate online or via bank transfer - every amount counts. You can also start your own fundraising campaign to raise money for a good cause. Talk to friends, family and colleagues about the situation in Gaza to make more people aware of the urgent need for support. Last but not least, Malteser International regularly calls for prayers for peace. Join in or pray on your own that peace will soon return to Gaza.

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