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Thailand is an emerging country that in recent years has experienced an extremely fast pace of economic growth. At the same time, recurring political unrest and profound inequality create divisions among the population. Thailand is extremely prone to natural disasters, as the overwhelmingly destructive tsunami in 2004 illustrated.

On Thailand’s border with Myanmar live around 110,000 refugees, who fled from violent conflict and human rights abuses more than 20 years ago. Although signs that Myanmar is democratizing and opening up indicate that a return may be possible in the future, the situation remains unresolved.


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Thanks to your support, we have been providing important aid in Thailand for many years now

Malteser International has been working in Thailand since 1979, and focuses on improving the provision of basic medical care for disadvantaged and marginalized population groups. Malteser International began by supporting the service of a leprosy hospital for refugees near to the Cambodian border. Since 1993, we have been active in providing healthcare as well as water, sanitation and hygiene to refugees in the north west of the country, near to the border with Myanmar. Since 2009, this work has also encompassed villages in the vicinity of the camp. From 2005 to 2008, Malteser International provided emergency relief, as well as support with rebuilding, to communities in the south of Thailand that were affected by the Asian tsunami.

Our projects in Thailand

Breaking the Cycle of Mental Health Stigma - Psychosocial Support for Refugees in Thailand

Interview with psychosocial support supervisor Chitlada Kankeow

How does the experience of displacement affect people and their mental health? And how can these people be accompanied and supported, even if or precisely because the hopeless conditions and circumstances are not going to change anytime soon? Chitlada Kankeow and her psychosocial support team are addressing those very questions and are available with various psychosocial services for people in the camps.

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A glimmer of hope away from home

For over 20 years, Malteser International has been working to provide improved medical care for thousands of Myanmar refugees living in refugee camps in Thailand. Many of these refuges have lived in these camps for so long that they can hardly remember their homeland. In the face of difficulties faced by the refugees, a bright glimmer of hope can be seen in the story of two women in Mae La Oon refugee camp.

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Our work in Thailand

Daniel Hilbring



Malteser International Locations: Mae Sariang

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