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Lebanon Emergency: Malteser International responds to Beirut explosion

Malteser International is responding in the aftermath of a ground-breaking explosion that rocked Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday, August 4, 2020, killing more than 170 people and injuring 6,000. Hospitals have sustained heavy damage, and many are now overwhelmed with the number of people now needing medical help. Hundreds of thousands of people have also been plunged into homelessness. This comes at a time when Lebanon is experiencing an economic meltdown as well as the tragic and complex challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.  

Together with our long-standing partner, the Lebanese Association of the Knights of Malta (LAKM), we are providing relief to those affected.Two mobile medical units have been mobilized towards Beirut. Order of Malta volunteers are helping to care for the most vulnerable survivors, especially the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Your support is urgently needed to save lives and help people recover.


Updates on our response to the Lebanon emergency:


Beirut explosion: Mental health of people affected is under threat

One week after responding to the devastating explosion that took place in Beirut, Malteser International is focusing on restocking medical supplies, strengthening measures against Covid-19, and providing psychosocial support.

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Malteser International to set up additional health station to care for the sick and wounded

Malteser International is expanding its mobile and stationary healthcare facilities to ensure rapid assistance for people affected in Tuesday's in Beirut, Lebanon. Initial assessments from relief teams have revealed the extent of damage to health infrastructure and the poor state of medical care in the city.

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Beirut explosion: Malteser International sends aid team to Lebanon

A Malteser International team of emergency relief specialists have Friday departed for Lebanon following Tuesday's devastating explosion. The team will provide support for medical care and humanitarian aid logistics for food, medicines, and hygiene items.

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Lebanon: Malteser International mobilizes support after Beirut explosion

Malteser International is mobilizing support for people affected in Beirut, Lebanon after a massive explosion at the city's port left nearly hundred people dead and some 4,000 injured.

“We are pulling together every medical capacity at our disposal in Lebanon. Our mobile medical teams on the Syrian border are providing care for people in the region. These teams will be needed in Beirut within the next days," said Clemens Mirbach, Country Coordinator for Lebanon at Malteser International.

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How we support people in Lebanon with your donation

Since summer 2014 we have been providing humanitarian aid in cooperation with the Lebanese Association of the Order of Malta in the Cedar State. Together we run a mobile health station for Syrian refugees who have found refuge in poorer regions of the country and for destitute Lebanese. We also provide health centres of the Lebanese Association of the Order of Malta in the north of the country with medicines and medical equipment and distribute relief supplies to Syrian refugees and Lebanese.

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Standorte im Libanon

Partner: Lebanese Association of the Knights of Malta (LAKM)

Theresa Tesan



Photo credit donation samples: Andrea Krogmann/Malteser International

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