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Myanmar is currently in a crucial period of transition to democracy following decades of isolationism. Due to the recent liberalization process, its central location in the region, and rich natural resources, it has much potential for development. Still, the country ranks 150 out of 187 in the 2014 UNDP Human Development Index. Decades of conflict and underinvestment in the public sector have severely affected the population, and the country is faced by recurrent natural disasters. Myanmar’s coastal regions are exposed to cyclones, storm surges and tsunamis, while major parts of the country are at risk from earthquakes, fires, flooding and drought. Climate change and widespread poverty have deepened the population’s vulnerability to such events.

Malteser International first began working in Myanmar in 1996, implementing small-scale relief projects with local partners, and it has been active with its own staff in the country since 2001. Today, Malteser International employs more than 350 national staff in Rakhine, Shan and Kayin states, where our work aims at ensuring communities have access to primary health care services. We also offer comprehensive WASH and disaster risk reduction/climate change adaptation solutions, and provide relief after disasters. We strive to enable and empower the most vulnerable communities in marginalized areas through a participatory and sustainable approach.

Malteser International Locations: Kayin State, Rakhine State, Shan State, Country Office in Yangon


Maren Paech

Email: maren.paech(at)malteser-international.org

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Video: Seeds of hope, Nala's story

#WomenHumanitarians: ''Every contribution is valuable in humanitarian aid, regardless of how small or big''

33-year-old Khine Ei Ei Hein is a medical doctor from Banmaw Township in Kachin State, northern Myanmar. She joined Malteser International in 2014 as a project coordinator in Shan Special Regions and has since worked in various positions. Dr. Khine currently works as Project Manager for Malteser International’s maternal and infant health programs in Kayin State.

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Restoring the joys of motherhood

Being a mother comes with a spectrum of emotions. There is mostly the pure joy of watching ones child grow from infant to teenager and then to an adult, but there are also a number of unpleasant moments, like watching one's child suffer from a prolonged illness. Mi Tueh thought she had failed as a mother until she learned about tuberculosis (TB). Find out how Malteser International is helping families affected by the deadly disease.

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Ma Dena's Life with AIDS

One can never imagine that a life-threatening disease, such as AIDS, will play a major role at some point in your life. "As a housewife and mother of three I never thought I would categorize as being at risk of contracting AIDS." Read the full story of Ma Dena, who lives with her family in Shan State, Myanmar.  

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