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Our donors, partners, and beneficiaries repose a great deal of trust in us to carry out our work in a responsible and effective manner. This means that making our operations as open and transparent as possible is a key concern for Malteser International. We do this by publishing a range of information in our Annual Report and on our website. Furthermore, Malteser International has voluntarily committed itself to the Transparent Civil Society Initiative, which requires organizations to publish a range of key information about themselves. You can find this information about Malteser International here.

We seek to underline and support responsibility and effectiveness in our work by adhering to a range of international guidelines. One of these is the VENRO Code of Conduct Transparency, organisational management and monitoring, which guides our activity in matters of transparency.

Code of Conduct

Malteser International is committed to the international fight against corruption and exploitation. Malteser International's Code of Conduct is binding on all members of staff, and helps to ensure that our work is undertaken professionally and according to international standards. It is available to read in full here:

Whistleblowing and Ombudsperson

Staff, partners and members of the public with serious concerns that the Malteser International Code of Conduct is being breached are encouraged to report these concerns to Malteser International managers. For guidance, please consult the Malteser International Whistleblowing Guidelines:

In cases where complainants do not feel able to approach any members of the Malteser International management, they should contact the Ombudsperson. For more information, see:


Malteser International has subscribed to the VENRO Code of Conduct Transparency, organisational management and monitoring.

Malteser International Ombudsperson:

Sebastian Frhr. von Bechtolsheim
Curriculum Vitae (German)

Email: sbe(at)sbepartner.de

Please note that anonymous disclosures are not encouraged, and that persons knowingly making a false disclosure can be subjected to disciplinary procedures, or an appropriate legal or criminal complaint.



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