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The media library provides access to our publications like the annual report, leafleats and brochures, guidelines, our newsletter, specialized publications, US publications and publications in Spanish.

Image and video material is available on request. Please observe our information regarding image rights and usage.

Image rights

All pictures provided by Malteser International are free of charge and can be used for media coverage on Malteser International. Please mention "Malteser International" as image source. All image rights are held by Malteser International. This regulation does not apply to pictures marked otherwise.


Katharina Kiecol
Email: katharina.kiecol(at)malteser-international.org

Recent Annual Reports

Leaflets and brochures




Specialized publications


- Perceived needs and daily stressors in an urban refugee setting: Humanitarian Emergency Settings perceived Needs Scale survey of Syrian refugees in Kilis, Turkey, Boris Budosan, Sabah Aziz, MarieTheres Benner & Batoul Abras, 2016

World Health Organization and emergency health: if not now, when?, 2016

Evaluation of one mental health/psychosocial intervention for Syrian refugees in Turkey, Dr. Boris Budosan, Dr. Marie Theres Benner, Batoul Abras & Sabah Aziz, 2016

Neglect of refugee participation in Myanmar, Dr. Marie Theres Benner, Aree Muangsookjarouen, Egbert Sondorp & Joy Townsend

Improving access to community-based mental health care and psychosocial support within a disaster context in Haiti, Dr. Boris Budosan, Katherine P O’Hanlon & Sabah Aziz, 2014

-Who Can Afford Health Care? Evaluating the Socio-Economic Conditions and the Ability to Contribute to Health Care in a Post-Conflict Area in DR Congo, Dr. Sibylle Gerstl, Dr. Justin Sauter, Joseph Kasanda & Dr. Alfred Kinzelbach, 2014

- Sexual violence in the protracted conflict of DRC programming for rape survivors in South Kivu, DR Congo, Birthe Steiner, Dr. Marie T Benner, Egbert Sondorp, Peter Schmitz, Ursula Mesmer & Sandrine Rosenberger, 2009

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