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"The people in Ukraine are traumatised"

Pavlo Titko, Head of Malteser Ukraine, reports about the challenges for the people in Ukraine. Photo: Malteser Ukraine

Around 18,500 people have already received psycho-social support from Malteser International in Ukraine. This is also very important for the children. Photo: Malteser Ukraine

The Russian war of aggression in Ukraine started almost ten months ago. From day one, Malteser International has been supporting the people in Ukraine. But the daily need is great. According to Pavlo Titko, Head of Malteser in Ukraine, many people will still be traumatised for years to come.


Cologne. "Many people outside Ukraine can hardly imagine our everyday life," says Pavlo Titko. The psychological burden on people is high. Relatives live in embattled territories or had to leave their homes. Nobody knows when the war will end. About 30 percent of the country's territory is covered with mines: The life-threatening explosive are installed on gas pipes, in wardrobes, even in toys. The whole situation puts a lot of pressure on the people.

Pavlo Titko reports that many Ukrainians need psychosocial support. "Many people are already traumatised. We expect that after the war millions of people will still need therapeutic support." Since February, Malteser International has supported almost 20,000 people in Ukraine with psychosocial services such as group or individual talks with psychologists or special services for children. Children in particular are suffering from the current situation. According to UN figures, 1.5 million children are affected.

People are dependent on electricity. "We can check what time we will have power. Many people don't sleep well at night anyway and use the power to get some things done.", says Pavlo Titko. When the power is gone, the heating doesn't work either. Temperatures are below zero. When the power comes back, people quickly turn on the heating to get at least some warmth. This week, Titko visited Cologne and met staff of Malteser in Germany and the Order of Malta Relief Organizations of countries bordering Ukraine to discuss the current situation and future aid deliveries.

In the last few weeks, Malteser International sent further aid transport from Germany, among them medication, generators, food packages and blankets. Most of the supplies were sent to East Ukraine, where the need and destruction are even bigger than in the West of the country. "We are still dependent on every donation to help the people as much as possible," says Titko.

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