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Man receives cup from volunteer in front of Malteser container

Support for Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries

Since 22 February 2022, Malteser International has been providing humanitarian aid at the border crossings with Ukraine and in neighboring countries. In view of the ongoing conflict, refugees' hopes of being able to return home soon are fading.

In 2023, Malteser International, together with the Order of Malta's associations and relief organizations, adapted its support services to the changing needs of Ukrainian refugees. The focus is now increasingly on inclusion and participation. Through offers such as language and vocational training, they enable those affected to lead a self-determined life. They also offer comprehensive support, ranging from medical and psychosocial counseling to food distribution.


Military conflicts often lead to civilians having to leave their homes. In this context, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to the largest refugee movement since the Second World War. Millions of people have had to leave their homes, many of them not for the first time. While some remain within the country's borders and thus become internally displaced persons, others seek protection abroad. Ukraine's neighboring countries in particular, especially Poland and Germany, have taken in numerous Ukrainian refugees.

The aim of the project is to support Ukraine's neighboring countries in the integration and arrival of Ukrainian refugees. The project covers the countries of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Romania.  

  • Medical and psychosocial support 
  • Distribution of food and NFIs (Non-Food-Items)
  • Referral services for people who need special support 
  • Language and vocational courses 
  • Establishment of a volunteer program involving both Ukrainian refugees and the local population 
  • Informative, educational and creative group sessions for Ukrainian adults and children 


Partners: Association of the Order of Malta in Romania, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovakia 

Donor: Aktion Deutschland Hilft (ADH)



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