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Ukraine: "Our aid continues despite the attacks"

More than 140,000 homes have been destroyed since the beginning of the war. Malteser Ukraine repairs houses and distributes generators in preparation for winter. Photo: Archive/Malteser Ukraine

Cologne/Lviv. After several major cities also in the west of Ukraine were bombed yesterday, Malteser International continues its work. In the city of Lviv, where the headquarters of Malteser Ukraine is located, the water and electricity supply were temporarily down and telecommunications interrupted after a thermal power plant was bombed. "Our assistance must continue despite the attacks. The airstrikes are a major burden for our colleagues on the ground because they massively worsen the security situation, which has been relatively stable in western Ukraine in recent months. The coordination of aid deliveries for Winter Relief is carried out from Lviv. For example, we have procured generators that will be brought to the east of the country so that people can use radiant heaters or stoves even without a regular power supply as temperatures continue to drop," says Janine Lietmeyer, Program Director of Malteser International.

In addition to generators, stoves, solar-powered power banks, LED lamps, insulation material, sleeping bags, blankets, durable food and warm clothing are being delivered to the east of the country. Nationwide attacks are making the work of the many aid workers, some of whom are volunteers, enormously difficult.

"I am deeply impressed by the strength and motivation of our colleagues in Lviv, who are not letting themselves down and stand by the people who need our help. They will soon have eight months of war behind them, have been living in constant fear ever since, and yet they will not be deterred from helping the people affected," says Lietmeyer.

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