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Shelter, housing, winterization

Winters in Ukraine are long and cold. In the region around Kharkiv, for example, temperatures can quickly drop to minus ten degrees or less. Winter hits refugees and people whose homes have been destroyed by the war particularly hard. Therefore, as early as of August 2022, we started the preparation for winter aid to protect the affected people from the cold.

Our goal is to provide shelter and adequate housing options for (new) internally displaced people (IDP) in western Ukraine as well as to protect human lives during winter season in eastern Ukraine.

  • Distribution of adequate winter relief items (e.g., generators, warm clothing, power banks, flashlights, thermoses) mainly in areas in eastern Ukraine severely affected by the war
  • Establishment and management of shelters for internally displaced persons in the Lviv region
  • Winterization of a building provided by the municipalities for the accommodation of IDPs
  • Winterization of homes of particularly needy people near the front line
  • Provision of winter equipment and energy sources for social institutions, families and communities

Winter Aid Ukraine: A warm barn for Grandma Nina

Nina Navídríz lives in the village of Korobochkine, about 50 kilometers southeast of the city of Kharkiv. A missile attack has destroyed her house in the middle of the night, and she miraculously survived. Leaving the village, where she has spent her whole live, wasn’t an option for Grandma Nina. She moved into a barn which we prepared for the upcoming winter.

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Project data

Partner: Malteser Ukraine

Project region: Ukraine

Donors: German Federal Foreign Office, Global Fund for Forgotten People, Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Nachbar in Not, Foundations and private donations


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