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Improving food security and economic self-sufficiency in rural Dohuk

The governorate of Dohuk is part of the Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRG), a region which has been locked in a long struggle for more autonomy from Iraq’s central government.  Violent conflicts, including the fighting against ISIS in mid-2014 led to massive population movements into the region. Today, the governorate currently hosts more than 350,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) who have joined the over one million people living in the area.This development has had a pronounced impact on the local economy, with host communities and displaced persons alike facing increased unemployment.

The conflict with ISIS has also had huge consequences on the region’s agricultural economy. The last years have seen a significant reduction in crop production, mainly due to displacement of local populations, comprising mostly of farmers, insecurity, and insufficient machinery.   

To help improve food security and self-sufficiency in the area, we are providing vulnerable households with the resources and training they need to support themselves. 

Our goal: Improved livelihoods for vulnerable communities with livestock farming

The project aims at improving the long-term food security and economic self-sufficiency of selected vulnerable displaced and host communities in underserved rural areas of Dohuk Governorate.  

40 families in Dohuk’s Batil district receive sheep and fodder. They also receive trainings on agriculture and business to help them maintain and grow their livestock.

Our aid project: Ensuring sustainable livelihoods with trainings and monitoring

  • Each of the selected households receive 4 sheep (3 ewe and 1 ram).
  • The households receive livestock fodder.
  • The households receive specialized trainings in agriculture and business.
  • The households have access to veterinary services and consultations.
  • Local village committees are created to ensure long term support from the community
  • To ensure sustainability, a “revolving fund system’ is established to allow participants return a small portion of their acquired livestock. This will be donated to other households in the community 

Country Info

Capital: Baghdad
Area: 437,072 km²
Population: approx. 33.4 million


Project Info

Duration: November 2019 - May 2020
Financing: Stiftung Entwicklungs- Zusammenarbeit Baden Württemberg (SEZ)

Last update: April 2020

Help people in Iraq recover their lives after years of conflict.
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