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This project has been completed.

Iraq: Reconstruction of a health centre

The Iraqi village of Qaza Fakhra was almost completely destroyed by the Islamic State (IS) and the reconquest battles in 2017. We are now engaged in the reconstruction of the region to enable as many displaced people as possible to return to their homes.

Together with our partner Doctors Aid Medical Activities (DAMA) we are rebuilding a largely destroyed basic health centre.

We want 10,000 people to have free access to medical services. At the same time, we want to strengthen and promote the capacities of the local community. For this reason, after completing the project, we will hand over the entire health centre back to the local health authority.

The city of Qaza Fakhra in Ninewa Governorate is located about 10 km south of Mosul and had been occupied by IS since 2014. During the battles of the Iraqi armed forces to free the city from IS occupation, the inhabitants of Qaza Fakhra and the surrounding area were expelled. Since the city’s liberation in July 2017, people have gradually returned to their homeland. The fighting destroyed buildings and infrastructure, thus subjecting people to difficult living conditions since their return: electricity is only available for a few hours a day, the destroyed roads restrict access to markets and food, the infrastructure is mostly decimated and there is a lack of adequate health care.

  • Free health care for 10,000 inhabitants of Qaza Fakhra
  • Easy return for displaced persons to their homeland
  • We are repairing the destroyed health centre building
  • We are acquiring medical equipment
  • We are hiring and training local staff
  • We are analysing medical need and establishing surgical procedures
  • We are setting up a referral system with ambulance vehicles

Country info

Capital: Bagdad
Area: 437,072 km²
Population: c. 33,4 Million

Project data

Project duration: July 2018 - September 2020   
Donor: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
Partner: Doctors Aid Medical Acitvities (DAMA)

Last updated: October 2018

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