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Gruppe von Kindern unter einem Zeltdach der Malteser

Summer camps for children

Malteser International is once again organizing special summer camps for children in Lviv. An experienced team, including a psychologist who took part in the camps last year, has developed a comprehensive program. This aims to provide participants not only with recovery and trauma therapy, but also with valuable knowledge and skills for their future lives.

In view of the decreasing number of internally displaced persons, the camps have now also been opened up to children from low-income families. This corresponds to a balanced ratio (50:50) in order to meet the different needs and promote social integration

Since the outbreak of fighting in Ukraine in February 2022, the country has been experiencing a profound humanitarian crisis. Millions of people, including many children, are suffering from the consequences of the conflicts. Malteser International has since stepped up its relief operations to respond to the enormous need for assistance. Western Ukraine has experienced a significant increase in the number of internally displaced persons, underlining the importance of projects to integrate and support these groups.

The overall aim of the summer camps is to provide children with a supportive environment in which they can relax, learn and develop both physically and emotionally. This includes:

  • Allowing children to relax in nature and make new friends.
  • Teaching new, useful skills.
  • Integration of children from war zones.
  • Helping them to process (traumatic) experiences, teaching them how to deal with emotions and encouraging interaction.
  • Daily work with a psychologist, morning reflection of the entire camp
  • Lectures on first aid
  • Exercise activities (badminton, surfing, kayaking, volleyball and outdoor games)
  • Creative activities (art therapy, music therapy, theater, costume making, handicrafts, singing and campfires, gatherings by the fire)

Project data

Partner: Malteser Ukraine

Donor: RTL


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