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World Humanitarian Summit

The task of providing aid is becoming ever more complex and demanding. Around 80 per cent of all aid is provided in the context of ongoing violent conflicts, the average time before refugees are able to return home has risen to seventeen years, and around the world, more than 125 million people depend on humanitarian assistance for their mere survival. The first ever World Humanitarian Summit was initiated by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in order to seek a better global response to these current challenges, and to place humanitarian action on a better footing for the future. 

The Summit will take place in Istanbul on May 23rd and 24th 2016, after an intensive global preparation process lasting over three years. Along with the Sovereign Order of Malta, Malteser International has been involved in the summit process from the very beginning – advocating for a renewed approach to partnerships that places all participants on an equal footing, and for a simplification and harmonization of administrative processes, including those for project proposals and reporting. Sid Peruvemba, Malteser International’s Vice Secretary General, and Senior Program Adviser Dr. Juergen Clemens actively supported national Summit consultations between humanitarian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the German Federal Foreign Office, as well as attending consultations and related meetings organized by the network of international NGOs.

An inclusive gathering

In contrast to previous gatherings, the consultation process for the World Humanitarian Summit was intended to be as inclusive as possible, and opened a forum for stakeholders whose voices have, until now, remained relatively unheard. This includes private companies, diaspora groups, local front-line responders, and communities affected by and at-risk of crises themselves. This brings a range of new perspectives, strengths and capacities to the table. The consultation’s Synthesis Report is a valuable source of information about the current state of the global humanitarian system, and includes wide-ranging recommendations for change and improvement.

 In preparation for the summit, the Order of Malta organized the international symposium Religions Together for Humanitarian Action in Geneva with the support of Malteser International in 2015. The symposium discussed the role of Faith-Based Organizations in humanitarian action – a key concern and core competence of the Order and its bodies. The role of religious actors in relief efforts will continue to be a key focus for the Order and Malteser International at the summit itself. The Order of Malta will be co-organizing a Special Session on Religious Engagement: The Contributions of Faith Communities to our Shared Humanity, while the Side Event One Humanity, Shared Responsibilities: Evidence for Religious Groups' Contributions to Humanitarian Response is being organized with the cooperation of Malteser International.

An agenda for humanity

The UN Secretary General has proposed an Agenda for Humanity for the Summit, focusing on five Core Responsibilities. Organizations are called upon to make their own voluntary commitments towards these goals to support the reform of the humanitarian system and to continue the summit process beyond the meeting in May. Malteser International views the Summit as a chance to work towards a range of improvements in humanitarian action, and has made a range of its own WHS Commitments, which will influence its forthcoming internal strategy review.

The widely acknowledged need to adapt to the range of challenges facing humanitarian affairs presents a unique opportunity to reshape humanitarian aid. We hope that the summit will promote pragmatic and feasible improvements that will make all of the actors in the humanitarian community better fitted to carry out their key mandate – assisting people in need.

Malteser International and the Order of Malta will be sharing news from the summit over social media under the hashtag #ShareHumanity


Our commitments for alignement

Our WHS commitments for alignement has just been released. Find our commitments on the basis of the seven core commitments.

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Speech of the Grand Chancellor

Speech delivered by the Grand Chancellor of the Order of Malta during the WHS Special Session “Religious Engagement”

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The Order of Malta at the Summit

The Order of Malta has been engaged in the WHS from the beginning of the process. In May 2015, it organized the Symposium “Religions together for humanitarian action” at the UN headquarters in Geneva. The Order of Malta will take part in many events during the two-day summit, including a special event on Religious Engagement.

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Bringing religion’s message of peace more strongly into play

An interview with Sid Johann Peruvemba, Vice Secretary General, about the role of faith-based organizations in humanitarian aid.

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Report of Ban Ki-moon

One Humanity: shared responsability
Report of the United Nations Secretary-General for the World Humanitarian Summit

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Statement Global Health Cluster

Statement of the Global Health Cluster partners following the Special Session on Global Health.

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Dr. Jürgen Clemens
Email: juergen.clemens(at)malteser-international.org


Special Session 23.05.2016

Religious Engagement: The Contributions of Faith Communities to our Shared Humanity

Side event 23.05.2016

One Humanity, Shared Responsibilities: Evidence for Religious Groups’ Contributions to Humanitarian Response

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