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Winter relief in Ukraine: "Refugees and bombed-out people are hit especially hard by the cold"

Cologne/Lviv. In Ukraine, Malteser International is starting winter relief efforts for refugees and people whose homes have been destroyed. "Now that winter is coming and it is getting colder, especially at night, people's sufferings are growing. Refugees and bombed-out people are hit particularly hard by the cold," says Pavlo Titko, Head of Malteser Ukraine.

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Janine Lietmeyer: New Director of Programs and Operations Appointed for MI

Cologne: Effective as of 1st September 2022, Ms. Janine Lietmeyer, former head of MI’s Middle East Department, will assume the role of Director of Programs and Operations. In this role, she will be responsible for the operational and programmatic side of implementing MI’s newly completed Strategy 2025 and will take over a central role in the development of the organization.

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Floods in Pakistan: Medical teams in action against epidemics

Cologne/Islamabad. After the heavy rains in the past months, more than 33 million people in Pakistan are affected by floods. Malteser International provides 100,000 Euros for first emergency relief measures. "The situation in the flooded areas, like in Sindh province, is devastating. Heavy rains have started in June and now diseases such as cholera threaten to break out. Together with our partner, we are going to send mobile medical teams to the most affected regions to prevent the spread of epidemics. We are also going to distribute tents, medicines and cash to 6,000 particularly vulnerable families in the districts of Sanghar and Mirpur Khas," says Cordula Wasser, Head of the Asia Department of Malteser International.

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Ukraine: "Fear has become a constant companion of the people"

Cologne/Lviv. "Every night we are frightened when the bomb alert goes off. For six months, the entire country has been experiencing the cruelty of this war. Fear has become a constant companion of the people. But as long as it is possible, we will continue our humanitarian work and care for the injured, sick and refugees who need help," says Pavlo Titko, Head of Malteser Ukraine in Lviv.

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Out now: Our Annual Report 2021

In 2021 the number of forcibly displaced people worldwide rose to 90 million. Over 800 million people suffered from hunger worldwide. And at the same time, we were able to make a major difference thanks to your support. In our newly published annual report, we look back on past year activities and successful accomplishments in 2021.

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