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Ukraine: "Conditions this winter will be even more challenging for the people"

Cologne. The people in Ukraine are facing the second winter since the start of the major invasion. After nearly two years of war, almost 18 million Ukrainians are in need of humanitarian assistance. Peolple's living conditions have further deteriorated since the past winter. "The energy infrastructure was heavily damaged by over 1,500 attacks last winter, and we expect that there will be prolonged power and heating outages again this winter – especially if there are renewed attacks," reports Melanie Plöger, who coordinates the assistance for Malteser International in Ukraine. In the coming weeks, the Malteser will distribute 2,000 food packages and 1,400 winter packages containing sleeping bags, blankets, insulation mats, lamps, and other items.

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Pakistan: 1,7 million Afghan refugees must leave the country

Malteser International provides medical assistance to people in the border region

Cologne. Since November 1st, approximately 1.7 million Afghan refugees without valid papers are required to leave Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands of people are stranded at the border with Afghanistan, waiting to cross into the country. There, they are receiving medical care from Malteser International. Many refugees have been living in neighboring Pakistan for decades.

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War in Syria: Biggest Escalation of Violence in Four Years

Malteser International Expands Emergency Aid

Cologne. "We are currently witnessing an increase in airstrikes in the Idlib region in north-west Syria, the likes of which we have not seen for four years," says Lena Schellhammer, a spokesperson for Malteser International, regarding the situation in Syria. "In the past few weeks, 43 hospitals, including pediatric hospitals, 24 schools, 20 waterworks, and other critical civilian infrastructure have been subjected to severe attacks. Those who are internally displaced and living in camps within their own country are especially affected by this new wave of violence. We are now distributing 30,000 hygiene kits to displaced individuals through our local partners," Schellhammer explains.

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Earthquake Afghanistan: Malteser International provides 100,000 Euros emergency relief

Cologne. After the severe earthquakes last night and on Saturday, Malteser International provides 100,000 Euro for emergency relief for the people in Afghanistan. Within a few days there were several severe earthquakes in the province of Herat, three of them with a magnitude of 6.3. According to local authorities, more than 2,000 people lost their lives during the earthquakes last weekend alone. Information on the numbers of people affected by the latest quake is not yet known.

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