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Key information

This page presents key documents and information related to the legal status, finances, and personnel of Malteser International in the interests of transparency and openness, and to encourage and support the maintenance of high standards in our humanitarian work.

Malteser International has voluntarily committed itself to the Transparent Civil Society Initiative, which obliges its members to publish the following information:

1. Name, location, address, and foundation date of the organization

Malteser International e.V.
Erna-Scheffler-Str. 2
51103 Cologne

Malteser International has been the worldwide humanitarian relief organization of the Sovereign Order of Malta since 2005, and a registered association according to German law since 1st January 2013.

2. Complete statutes, as well as information on the goals of the organization
The Bylaws of Malteser International >>
Our goals >>

3. Information on tax relief
According to German law, tax liability extends exclusively to the commercial business activity undertaken by legal entities. The organization is additionally released from the obligation to pay corporation tax according to § 5 Para. 1 Nr. 9 of the German Corporation Tax Law (KStG), because it is exclusively active for legally recognized tax privileged nonprofit purposes.

Cologne Tax authority (Köln-Ost). Tax Identification number 218/5990/0131.

4. Name and function of important decision makers
Board of Directors and Management: Structure >> 

5. Area of activity
Annual Report 2021: Malteser International Annual Reports and Publications >>

6. Personnel structure
Team >>

7. Information on income
Malteser International’s income is generated as efficiently as possible. Income from interest and capital revenue consist of less than 1 per cent of the organization’s total income. Finances >>

8. Information on use of funds
Finances >>

9.  Legal relationship to third parties
Malteser International consists of three legally independent organizations:
- Malteser International e.V.
- Order of Malta Worldwide Relief Malteser International Americas Inc
- Malteser International Europe (as a legally dependent part of the German Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.).

By convention, and the law of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Malteser International e.V. (the General Secretariat) is authorized to issue instructions to the other two organizations. There are no connections between the three bodies according to company law.

10. The names of legal persons that receive payments in excess of 10 per cent of the annual budget.
In 2019, there were no payments from natural or legal persons in excess of 10 per cent of the annual budget.

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