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Career Entry Program

We offer a one-year Career Entry Program for candidates who have graduated from university or technical college, or who have completed a qualifying apprenticeship relevant to the field of humanitarian aid.

Under our year-long Career Entry Program, we employ recent graduates who meet the requirements listed below as ‘Project Assistants’ either at one of our country desks in the Asia or Africa department, or as a Communications Assistant at our desk for international communications and public relations.

Who is the Career Entry Program aimed at?

The program is aimed at young professionals in the field of humanitarian aid. Candidates must be citizens of the European Union, or possess a German residency and working permit. They must have graduated from university (or Specialist College), or have completed a relevant qualifying apprenticeship in the field of humanitarian aid. Applicants must be able to prove sufficient German language skills (minimum requirement level B2: Common European Framework of Reference of Languages: Global Scale of the Goethe Institute; please see www.goethe.de).


The Project Assistants are based at our headquarters in Cologne for the first six months of the program. For the next six months, they continue their work in one of our projects abroad.

Communication Assistants work at our headquarters in Cologne for the whole 12 months of the Program. During the second phase, they have the opportunity to visit one of the projects abroad for communication and public relations purposes.

What requirements does the applicant need to fulfil?

We are happy to receive submissions from highly motivated applicants with a high level of interest in humanitarian relief and development work. Successful applicants need to have:

  • an appropriate university degree
  • fluent knowledge written and spoken English, preferably also in French or Spanish, as well as basic knowledge of German
  • experience in foreign countries, completed internships in international organizations, and experience in the field of emergency relief and development cooperation are advantageous
  • driver’s license
  • membership of the Catholic church


Successful applicants will be given a one-year full-time contract with Malteser International drawn up according to the ‘AVR’ employment guidelines of Caritas Germany. They will be remunerated at a rate of around 1,500 euros per month with Christmas and holiday bonus paid subsequent to fulfilling the conditions for these in the AVR guidelines.


All vacancies are announced on our Job Portal. Please apply directly to one of the vacancies using the electronic form provided.