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Africa: Malteser Germany to allocate 1 million euros for fight against hunger

Responding to the “Berlin humanitarian Appeal”

To combat food insecurity, this school garden uses reed covers to protect plants from solar radiation. Photo: Malteser International

Food is distributed to children in a school in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. Photo: Malteser International

Cologne/Berlin. In a direct response to the “Berlin Appeal” by the German Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, Malteser Germany will allocate a million euros for the fight against hunger in South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda. Gabriel, Development Minister Gerd Müller and representatives of aid organizations had called on Germans on Wednesday morning to join the fight against the famine catastrophe in Africa. The funds provided by Malteser Germany will be used to finance projects in the three countries for the short and medium term.

"Hundreds of thousands of people are threatened with starvation. We have to do a lot more”, said Dr. Constantin von Brandenstein, President of Malteser Relief Service Germany. “That is why we are immediately expanding our aid: school meals, drinking water, and distribution of basic food items. In the medium term, the people should be able to produce food themselves again, feed their cattle and afford the basic necessities of life. We are also helping them in this regard.”

In addition to the civil war, which is forcing many people to flee their homes in South Sudan, lingering periods of droughts contribute to the tragic situation. In the north of Kenya, for example, it has not rained for months and 80 percent of cattle have died from thirst. Seeds have also dried up across vast areas of land.

Malteser International has been active in the African countries for decades and has pointed out the looming hunger catastrophe. Malteser Germany have therefore welcomed the "Berlin Humanitarian Appeal".

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Katharina Kiecol
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