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Aid transport has reached Ukraine - Order of Malta network supplies refugees

Despite the fighting, colleagues continue to work on the ground

In the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, Malteser Ukraine has set up tents and a field kitchen. Photo: Malteser Ukraine

Despite the fighting, colleagues continue to work on the ground

Cologne/Ivano-Frankivsk. In the Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk, Malteser Ukraine has started to provide displaced people with tents, cots, blankets and food. The relief supplies sent from Germany on Thursday arrived on site on Saturday and will be put to immediate use. In addition, the displaced people are receiving medical and psychological care. 

"Our Malteser colleagues in Ukraine, like so many people there, are currently mentally and physically approaching their breaking point. They are worried about the safety of their families and their country, but the desire and determination to help others in this situation is great. In the eastern part of the country, our colleagues have partially resumed the work of psychosocial care, but for security reasons this is done online. I am very impressed by this dedication and we are trying to support our colleagues in their work as much as we can," says Oliver Hochedez, Head of the Emergency Department of Malteser International.

"The Order of Malta associations and relief services in the states bordering Ukraine including Poland, Romania, and Hungary, have already sent their staff to the borders and are providing assistance to refugees. They are distributing food and water, and providing medical assistance. Malteser International will support them and deliver what is needed most on the ground: medical supplies, hygiene items, and drinking water. Millions of refugees are expected to flee this war and we are committed to helping them in every way we can," says Clemens Graf von Mirbach-Harff, Secretary General of Malteser International. 

The Order of Malta has been active in Ukraine since the 1990s. In close cooperation, Malteser Ukraine, Malteser Germany and Malteser International provide psychosocial support for displaced people, and supports refugees, as well as poor disadvantaged people, with hot meals in their soup kitchens. Aid efforts for displaced people in Ivano-Frankivsk are being supported by an aid transport of medical material and field kitchens dispatched via Malteser Germany.

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Oliver Hochedez
, Head of the Emergency Department of Malteser International in Cologne, is available for interviews and sound bites. 

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