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Cyclone in Bangladesh: Malteser International launches emergency aid

Many houses, such as that of Abdul Haq Shek in the village of Rajir, have been completely destroyed. Malteser International has launched an emergency aid program and will rebuild houses, latrines and stables, among other things. Photo: CDD/Malteser International

Cologne/Dhaka. After Cyclone Remal caused severe devastation in the border region between India and Bangladesh around a week ago, Malteser International launched an emergency aid program by providing €100,000. Together with local partner organizations, houses, latrines and stables in 34 villages will be rebuilt. In addition, staff will distribute cash to particularly affected households.

"In some villages, almost the entire harvest has been destroyed and people have lost their means of livelihood. It is important that we now provide rapid aid through our local partner organizations and support the reconstruction of the villages," says Antje Kania, Country Officer for Bangladesh at Malteser International.

According to the local authorities, around 4.6 million people have been affected by the cyclone in Bangladesh.

Malteser International has been working in Bangladesh since 2017, primarily in the refugee settlements in the Cox's Bazaar district. The focus of the work there is on health, water, hygiene, and nutrition. In three health centers, a partner organization provides medical care and psychosocial counselling to people, especially expectant mothers, and newborns.


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Antje Kania, Country Representative for Bangladesh at Malteser International, is available for interviews and sound bites.
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The people of Bangladesh are in urgent need of donations.

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