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Earthquake in Nepal: Aid begins to flow

Malteser International dispatches medical supplies for 10,000 people

Cologne. Malteser International has dispatched more than half a ton of medical supplies to Nepal. When there, they will provide initial medical assistance for those affected

“Painkillers in particular, as well as medical material such as dressings, needles and cannulae are urgently needed on the scene,” says Ingo Radtke, Malteser International’s Secretary General.

The emergency health kits provided for the initial medical response, therefore, principally contain anaesthetics, pain medication, surgical equipment, intravenous fluids, water purification tablets and disinfectants. After being dispatched by Malteser International, the kits will spend the night in a transit warehouse and remain there until their transport flight is ready.

On Sunday morning, Malteser International dispatched an advance team to the crisis zone. At the scene, they will be able to gather an overview of the situation and to begin initial emergency aid measures.

The Nepalese government has declared a state of emergency and called for international assistance.

For editors: Ingo Radtke, General Secretary of Malteser International, is available for interviews. Please contact:
Tel: +49 171 310 5279
Email: petra.ipp(at)malteser-international(dot)org.


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