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Earthquake Relief in Mexico

Helping children and the elderly recover from the earthquake

Distribution of food and hygiene kits to school children and their families in Mexico City. Photo: Order of Malta Mexico.

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes of September, Malteser International is cooperating with the Mexican Association of the Order of Malta to rebuild lives and communities in Oaxaca and Mexico City.

Among the buildings destroyed during the second earthquake on September 19th were a school and a retirement home, both run by the Mexican Association of the Order of Malta. The boarding school named after Don Bosco has remained closed to its one hundred and seventy pupils, a majority of whom come from less privileged families, and grew up in difficult circumstances. A large part of the school children are being raised by single mothers. Pending the reconstruction of the school, the children have been assigned temporary places in other schools to continue their education. Because most of the pupils come from areas in the school’s vicinity, their families were badly affected by the earthquake. Together with the Mexican Association of the Order of Malta, we are providing food and hygiene products to school children and their families. The Mexican Association of the Order of Malta also plans to finance the reconstruction of the school.

Casa San Juan is a retirement home located in the Xochimilco district of Mexico City, and houses 75 senior citizens between the ages of 85 and 98. The damages caused by the earthquake on the facades, bathrooms and exterior walls of the building did not affect the statics of the building. Repairs are to be undertaken nonetheless. Malteser International will financially support the renovation work.

Malteser International responded immediately after the severe earthquake to provide urgent help to thousands of people affected. Along with the Mexican Association of the Order of Malta, we distributed we distributed hygiene and sanitary products, foodstuffs, medicines, milk, blankets and tarpaulin sheets to five thousand households in the states of Oaxaca and Morelos.

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