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George Floyd: Malteser International calls for prayer and reflection to end cycle of violence

Malteser International is calling for unity in prayer, reflection, and action against racism in response to the killing of George Floyd in the United States and the resulting protests around the world.


  • We invite all people of good will to join us at midday on Sunday 7th June in prayer for an end to all forms of violence and discrimination.
  • We invite all people of good will to reflect on what each of us can do to end racism and discrimination.
  • We invite all people of good will to not look away, to speak up and stand up wherever they witness racism and discrimination.

“The events of the past week have once again highlighted that the racism, discrimination, and violence that we see in our work all over the world are also problems that we face in our own back yard,” said MG (ret.) Tom Wessels, President of Malteser International Americas. “They represent a huge failure of respect for human dignity. This issue goes beyond politics or religious rhetoric and our stance must be loud and clear: We can and must do better. The spiral of violence must end, and recognizing the inherent worth of all people is the first step towards that.”

“Our humanitarian work is founded on the belief that every human being is created in the image of God and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect,” said Thierry de Beaumont-Beynac, President of Malteser International. “This conviction has been at the core of the Order of Malta’s work throughout its 900-year history and is reflected in our commitment to ensure dignity, equality, and justice for the most vulnerable and marginalized communities in the world. We join ourselves wholeheartedly to the Pope’s prayers for George Floyd and his family, and to his plea for reconciliation.”

Malteser International is active in 29 countries around the world, working to help people in extreme need – with a particular emphasis on those who are most vulnerable and marginalized. 

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