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Helping Communities rebuild after Hurricane Harvey

(Left) Ravi Tripptrap, Executive Director, Malteser International Americas; Father Ray of the Diocese (M), and Patrick Ebarb (R) of St. Vincent de Paul Society with the cash cards. Photo: Malteser International Americas

Hurricane Harvey hit the southern coast of Texas, and brought with it torrential rainfall and devastating floods that affected thousands of households in Houston and surrounding towns. Since Harvey, a series of other disasters have occurred. In addition to managing these disasters, Malteser International continues to provide for the vulnerable families in Texas, who had little before the storm, and even less now. $75,000 in cash cards have been distributed to help families buy food, fuel and other necessities. There is great dignity in buying one’s own food and soap after a disaster. The cash cards were distributed in partnership with the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Rockport and the Diocese of Corpus Christi in Rockport, Texas.

With the generosity of our supporters, we are rebuilding lives together. “Our relief efforts here in Rockport are real extensions of our own hands and those of our donors to devastated families, and by working together with these faith-based organizations we are making the greatest impact and helping those who need it most.” said Malteser International Americas Board President, Major General (Ret.) Thomas A. Wessels.

In standing with communities affected and to help them rebuild their lives, Malteser International has also granted a sum of $2,500 to the Salt Lake Church Relief Center, a grassroots relief center in Rockport. The money will go towards repairs after damages to the building resulting from Hurricane Harvey. The church serves as a relief and warm meal distribution center and is run by a group of devoted local volunteers from the community.

We are urgently calling for donations for people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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Reference: "Hurricane Harvey in the USA"

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