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Nepal: Additional dead and wounded expected

Malteser International to establish field hospital in earthquake region

Cologne/Kathmandu: Malteser International is to establish a field hospital in the Sindhupalchok region of Nepal, near to the epicentre of the second severe earthquake that hit the country on Tuesday. The project will be undertaken in collaboration with the University Hospital in Dhulikel in order to bring aid more quickly to the wounded near Lamosanghu – located on an arterial road around 130 km north east of Kathmandu, and around 40 km from the Chinese border.

“It smells of decay. We are expecting to find more victims under the rubble,” said Dr. Marie Benner, leader of the Malteser International medical team. Up to 80% of the buildings in the area have been destroyed. “The people here are relieved that help is coming to them. Many have lost their whole existence – they have been wounded or they have lost relatives as a consequence of the earthquake,” she added. One woman reported that her husband had been severely injured by falling masonry from collapsing buildings during the first earthquake. Neighbours were able to take him to the hospital two hours away. When the second earthquake hit, she had nothing to lose. “Our house had already been destroyed,” she said.

Malteser International will take over the task of organising and supplying the medical station, where diagnosis and treatment, as well as small surgeries can be performed. Dr. Gudrun Müller and paramedic Tobias Kann from Malteser International will form the medical establishment of the field hospital, together with staff and nurses from the University Hospital in Dhulikel.

Malteser International is also distributing food and hygiene material to the population of 12 villages in the region, with around 10,000 people receiving the much-needed aid. We are calling urgently for further donations to help the survivors of the disaster.

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