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Nepal: number of dead and wounded climbs further

‘Cold chain’ for medication interrupted

Cologne/ Kathmandu: The number of those killed and injured in Nepal continues to increase. Official figures now speak of more than 7,000 confirmed dead and 14,500 injured. Obtaining a reliable power supply in the country presents a significant problem, and the system needs to be strengthened measurably. An increasing number of fuel stations in the country are lying empty, while the diesel generators which underpin the electrical supply are running low on fuel. “The cold chain for medication cannot be sustained,” reported Dr. Frank Marx, specialist in emergency medicine, who has been working for Malteser International in the capital since 27th April. “The people are in great need. They urgently need more help,” he said.

In particular, more helicopters are required to rapidly transport the huge amount of aid material which is needed. Current heavy rains are disrupting the roads and increasing the risk of landslides. From today, Malteser International will be distributing almost five tonnes of food, blankets, and hygiene articles in the Kavre district.

At the moment, Malteser International is supporting the medical facilities at the University Hospital in Kathmandu. “In addition, our doctors will be providing medical assistance in the district of Sindhupalchok, north of the capital. The WHO has reported a particularly high number of people in need of help in this region,” Marx reports. Two doctors and a paramedic from Malteser International are cooperating with personnel from Thailand, but “further medical assistance is greatly needed in the rural areas,” he says.

In addition to dealing with physical injuries, Malteser International has been active at the airport and from the premises of the German Embassy in recent days to provide psychological support for traumatised survivors.

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