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Nepal’s Earthquake: 2 Years On

Rebuilding and strengthening local structures

A joint decision is made on appropriate construction methods for new homes. Photo: Malteser International

Bricklayers are trained in earthquake-resistant building techniques. Photo: Malteser International

On Saturday, 25 April 2015, a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck Nepal. Following calls by the government of Nepal for international assistance, Malteser International responded immediately to the disaster by contacting its Nepalese partner organization and sending an emergency response team. Since then Malteser International has been working towards reconstruction in the districts of Sindhulpalchowk, Kavrepalanchowk and Nuwakot.

After completing the emergency relief phase and initial rehabilitation activities, especially in the WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) sector, Malteser International started a comprehensive program to support rehabilitation in the regions affected by the earthquake. The program is designed to run until mid-2019. In a total of ten villages, we work in the following sectors: rehabilitation of homes, WASH, disaster preparedness and health.

In the health sector, we are concerned with the reconstruction of three health stations and the provision of medical equipment for another 15 stations. In addition, health workers and community volunteers undergo training in the recognition, treatment and transfer of people with mental illnesses. Teachers also receive additional training on how to recognize students with mental illnesses and take appropriate action. Campaigns to raise awareness of mental health issues are equally carried out in the communities and at schools.

Our activities in the WASH sector include the construction of 280 latrines and 24 drinking water supply systems. Malteser International also organizes awareness campaigns on hygiene related issues so as to help people protect themselves from diseases more effectively.

Malteser International supports up to 255 families in the reconstruction of their destroyed homes. In addition, bricklayers are trained on how to build earthquake-resistant houses. These trainings allow them take part in the rebuilding process. The organization is also active in the area of disaster preparedness and works in close cooperation with the local community to ensure that they are better protected from future disasters.

In all projects, Malteser International cooperates with four local partner organizations, who ensure that the aid provided arrives according to the needs of the local population.

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Katharina Kiecol
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