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Syria: Closure of border crossing for aid deliveries is a humanitarian disaster

Millions of people in Syria are still living in emergency shelters. They rely on UN aid deliveries. Photo/archive: HiH/Malteser International

Many children in Syria have experienced war and displacement. Photo/Archive: IDA/Malteser International

Cologne. After Russia vetoed the extension of the resolution in the UN Security Council on 8th July, the last border crossing for UN aid supplies between Syria and Türkiye will have to close from Sunday. Malteser International warns that this will result in a humanitarian disaster in northern Syria.  "Millions of people who have sought refuge in the northwest and northeast of Syria depend on food supplies from the UN. When this aid runs out, especially people living in camps and emergency shelters will starve," says Thomas Weiß, Head of the Middle East department at Malteser International.

In the Idlib region, there are hardly any income opportunities. The economic situation has deteriorated extremely due to the pandemic, inflation, the effects of the war in Ukraine war and a severe drought. Many people are dependent on aid.

"We will continue our aid to provide for the people on the ground, but the pressure on international and local aid organizations will become even greater. We will not be able to completely close the hole that the end of cross-border aid by the UN will create in providing people in Syria with aid supplies," says Weiß.

Together with local partner organizations, Malteser International has been supporting hospitals, primary healthcare centers and mobile medical teams in Syria since 2012. In addition, relief supplies such as medicines, blankets, mattresses and hygiene items are distributed and the access to water, sanitation and hygiene is improved within the camps.

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