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Ukraine: Supplies for refugees at risk

In the Ukrainian town of Jaworiv, which lies about 20 kilometres from the border with Poland, Malteser Ukraine distributes water and hot meals. Photo: Order of Malta Ukraine

Order of Malta Ukraine has set up tents for the refugees in Ivano-Frankisk. However, the helpers will run out of food in a few days. Photo: Order of Malta Ukraine

Malteser International: "We need humanitarian
corridors to bring food into the country"

Cologne/Lviv. Cold, snow, and a lack of food, medicines and other essential goods threaten the welfare of refugees in Ukraine. "The situation for the fleeing women, children and elderly is catastrophic. We are starting to run out of everything," said Pavlo Titko, Head of Order of Malta Ukraine.

"At the border with Poland and Slovakia, queues of cars of up to 40 kilometres long are forming. People need blankets, they wait for hours in their cars or make their way on foot. In Kyiv, small children are being put on trains heading west by their parents alone and unaccompanied."

Malteser International's Secretary General, Clemens Graf von Mirbach-Harff, appealed to the warring parties to establish humanitarian corridors. "Civilians must be cared for or be able to reach the border safely,” said Mirbach. “Most people, however, remain in the country. They must not be cut off from supplies, otherwise even more people will die from hunger or exposure than as a direct consequence of the fighting. We need humanitarian corridors to bring food into the country."

The Order of Malta is aiding refugees directly at the border in Ukraine as well as in neighbouring Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. In Lviv, more than 1,000 meals were served in a soup kitchen today. Order of Malta Ukraine was able to activate 80 additional volunteer helpers.

Around the world, those supporting the Ukrainian cause are showing up by the hundreds of thousands. Individuals and companies are donating money, goods, and services. Order of Malta Poland has been provided with several vans from the Sixt car rental company. These will be used to shuttle patients or refugees to shelters. "We have been a partner of Malteser International for many years and are now very happy that we can quickly provide help to the people and especially the children fleeing Ukraine in this way," says Regine Sixt, Chairwoman of the Board of the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation "Tränchen Trocknen".

Private individuals and companies can contact a hotline set up by Malteser. The number is: +49 (0)800 - 589 279 94. Secretary General Clemens Graf von Mirbach-Harff: "There is a great sense of European solidarity. Every cent donors give, expresses that. We are doing everything we can to expand our capacities and want to answer initial questions with the hotline."


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