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War in Syria: Biggest Escalation of Violence in Four Years

After so many airstrikes have been carried out in north-western Syria since October, the Malteser International is distributing relief supplies through a local partner organization. Photo: TRCS/Malteser International

Malteser International Expands Emergency Aid

Cologne. "We are currently witnessing an increase in airstrikes in the Idlib region in north-west Syria, the likes of which we have not seen for four years," says Lena Schellhammer, a spokesperson for Malteser International, regarding the situation in Syria. "In the past few weeks, 43 hospitals, including pediatric hospitals, 24 schools, 20 waterworks, and other critical civilian infrastructure have been subjected to severe attacks. Those who are internally displaced and living in camps within their own country are especially affected by this new wave of violence. We are now distributing 30,000 hygiene kits to displaced individuals through our local partners," Schellhammer explains.

These renewed attacks are also making the work of humanitarian aid workers more challenging. Some hospitals in north-west Syria have had to temporarily suspend operations or shut down completely. Moreover, in October alone, over 70 civilians lost their lives, including three humanitarian aid workers and 27 children. "Together with the local and international aid organizations operating in Syria, we call on the conflict parties to adhere to international law, protect the civilian population and civilian infrastructure, and grant secure access to humanitarian aid workers," Schellhammer asserts.

For the past twelve years since the onset of the war in Syria, Malteser International has been providing life-saving emergency aid to the distressed people of Syria, particularly in the realm of medical care. Following a severe earthquake earlier this year, Malteser International has expanded its assistance further. In collaboration with local partner organizations on the ground, Malteser International manages and supports hospitals, basic health centers, and mobile medical teams. They are also assisting in the distribution of relief supplies such as blankets, mattresses, and hygiene items.

Malteser International (MI) works as an international humanitarian aid organization. It is an aid organization of the Catholic Order of Malta and particularly fulfills the order's mission of "helping those in need". The mission is to improve the health and living conditions of suffering and displaced people worldwide. The organization provides aid to people in need in over 130 projects in 36 countries, regardless of religion, political conviction, origin or gender. Christian values and the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence form the basis of its work. For further information please visit: www.malteser-international.org/en

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Thomas Weiß, Head of the Middle East Department at Malteser International, and Lena Schellhammer, Syria Desk Officer at Malteser International, are available for interviews and soundbites.
Contact Operator: +49 (0)221 9822-7181, Email: katharina.kiecol@malteser-international.org.

The people affected in Syria are in urgent need of donations. Donations can be made to Malteser Hilfsdienst e. V. using the following details:
IBAN: DE10 3706 0120 1201 2000 12
Keyword: "Syria"


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Katharina Kiecol
Email: katharina.kiecol(at)malteser-international.org

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